Best Leaf Blower Updated Reviews 2021 [Buyers Guide]

When trees start shedding leaves that season is really hard for gardener and garden owners. One can see leaves everywhere in the yards, pathways, driveways, and lawns. It encouraged us to identify best leaf blower and publish here so other gardeners can also get benefit.  

However, to rake up these leaves with a fork like tools is really a hard nut to crack. At this stage, a leaf blower makes your life easy and remove all dead leaves from your garden in no time.

So, in this article, you are going to learn a lot about the best leaf blower that can help you a lot to keep your yard clean. Be with us.

best leaf blower

Best Leaf Blower 2021

To facilitate you, we have divided it into two major categories.

  1. Electric Leaf Blowers
  2. Gas Leaf Blowers

By reading this piece of content, I assure you will be able to choose the well-suited product.

Electric Leaf Blowers

In the above discussion, we have divided the tools into two major categories. However, electric have further two types; like corded and cordless.

Top 4 Corded Leaf Blowers

If there is a large area of the garden/lawn that is needed to be maintained then corded can be the best option. Corded blowers are enough powerful to blow the leaves and debris in an easy way. Nevertheless, to perform light-duty tasks, corded blowers with low power are also available.  Therefore, if you have no problem with wire than read the following features of corded instruments.

1-Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric Blower

(2684 Review) Ratings

It is the lightest tool which is presented by Greenworks. Greenworks 24012 works at 7 amp efficiently.

For a small area yard, it works perfectly. Let’s have a look at its different attribute.

Greenworks has been providing awesome gardening tools for several years. 24012 is also a masterpiece of this brand. This lightweight tool helps you to blow leaves and debris from your lawn and it is considered best home garden product. When it comes to its power then we will come to know that it has enough power to make you its fan. It has a high airspeed value that is 160MPH while its 150 cubic feet per meter value attracts the user more.

Besides its high airspeed value, its design and weight (4.5lbs) prevent you to feel tired after long hour work.

This model of blower is perfect for the hard surface as well as for grass clippings.

Last but not least is its price. Yes, it shares tons of features at an affordable price. Thus, invest your hard-earned money on the right tool.



2-BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

(2010 Review) Ratings

Before introducing this stunning product presented by Black+Decker, let me ask several questions to you. Do you need a leaf blower? Have you not a vacuum for yard cleaning? Do you need a mulcher?

If you have a “yes” to all these questions then this instrument will have designed for you. Yes, this product gives you a 3in1 package. However, we only analyze different features of blower here.

This multi-functional tool comes with 2 airspeed options. Yes, you can operate it at 180mph and 250mph. Moreover, it operates at 12AMP and this factor increases the air volume of this product which is 400CFM that can perform low to medium-duty tasks easily.

The weight of a leaf blower is another factor that must be kept under consideration. It would be good news for the users of BV6000 that weight of it is not too high and it weighs only 8.1 pounds.

The other important factor that cannot be overlooked is the noise level of a blower. This instrument is almost a noiseless tool (68dBA).



3- WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

(1634 Review) Ratings

The smartest corded blower has been made by WORX ever. Light in weight and heavy in performance. Without any delay, let’s jump to its breathtaking attributes.

WG520’s turbine fan technology makes it unique. Turbine Fan Technology is not the sole reason of being a powerful blower, its hyper steam nozzle gives it extra power.

You can operate (120V) it at a variable velocity that could vary from 60mph to 110mph. The most outstanding part of this blower is its value of CFM. It can emit up to 600CFM air volume. Like other corded blowers, it is also a lightweight tool.



4- Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

(1051 Review) Ratings

The other multi-functional gardening tool makes our list of the best leaf blower. Toro 51621 is a 3in1 device and can be operated as a blower, vacuum, and shredder.

With this model of Toro, leaves can be blown at 250 MPH. However, you can change the velocity because it works at a variable speed. Like high airspeed value, the air volume is also high which completes your cleaning task super easy.

The weight of this model is relatively higher than the above-mentioned models of blowers. However, its user-friendly design makes it perfect.



Best Cordless Leaf Blower 2021

A wire can create an annoyance for various garden owners. However, there is an alternative of wires that is cordless. The following battery-powered blowers are efficient in their performance without a cord. Let’s analyze several features of different models of cordless leaf blowers.

Note: Besides observing the CFM, MPH, and weight of a leaf blower, you will have to check battery runtime critically. Unless your battery runtime is not good, you will not complete your task effectively.

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1- Greenworks 40V Variable Speed Cordless Blower, 24252

(2900 Review) Ratings

It admits of no doubt that Greeworks always tries to serve the best. Nevertheless, this model of Greenworks is above par. You can perform your light to medium duty with this amazing gardening tool. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on the attractive features of this blower.

This model comes with an extension tube that makes it reachable at unreachable places. Additionally, it is not less than any other corded tool when we observe its airspeed and volume. You may operate it up to 150 MPH with 6-speed options. 6-speed options make it more user-friendly. Like airspeed, the air volume of this blower is also satisfactory that is 135 CFM. Push-button start is another feather in the cap of this model. If you want to get outstanding results than use it on hard surface areas. Notwithstanding, it works well at grass surface too.

You might be shocked after knowing the weight of this product. This model is the lightest one, ever made by Greenworks. It weighs only 3.3Ibs.   Its GMAX40-volt 2 amp-hour lithium-ion battery allows you to work for 15 minutes at the highest airspeed. However, battery runtime increases when we work at a low speed.  So, it will be wise to purchase it because it shares numberless features at a reasonable price.



2- WORX WG575.1 32V Battery-Powered Leaf Blower/Sweeper

(1980 Review) Ratings

Worx WG575.1 comes with 8 innovative attachments that make its use super easy. These attachments are really beneficial while cleaning a garden or yard.

When it comes to its analyzing the characteristics of this model of WORX you will come to know that this lightweight model will not disappoint you. 120MPH with 80 CFM is the airspeed and volume respectively that blows the leaves well.

Like above-mentioned cordless blower, it is also a lightweight model and weighs only 4Ibs. Lightweight blowers keep you healthy and avoid you to back pain. So, it is a recommended tool for the patient of back pain, if they want to work in a garden without any fatigue.

Additionally, it comes with a charger. The charger charges the battery of WORX WG575.1 in 3 hours. Furthermore, the battery runtime of this model is relatively higher than the above-mentioned model of Greenworks. You can blow the leaves for 20 minutes in one go.

Note: All the above features’ description is about 32-volt MAX Lithium-Ion battery. This model is available for 20V battery too.

If we compare the price of this model of WORX with Greenworks above-mentioned model then we will come to know that both share almost the same price tag.



3- BLACK+DECKER LSW36B 36V Outdoor Sweeper

(1555 Review) Ratings

BLACK+DECKER LSW36B can operate on both batteries of 36V and 40V. Therefore, you can choose the well-suited option for you. Let’s see its unmatchable attributes.

It will not disappoint you about its airspeed and volume. Values of MPH and CFM are good enough to remove the leaves and debris from your lawn. It shares 120MPH velcoity . Besides satisfactory airspeed value, the air volume is 90CFM.

The weight of this product is quite higher than the above mentioned cordless product. However, it is not too high that makes you tired. It weighs 4.7Ibs.

The run-time of LSW36B is also awesome and you can work with it for 25 minutes continuously. The most amazing feature of this model is its noiseless nature. It performs its duty in a quiet manner (66dBA).

The most attractive thing about it is its price. Yes, a comparison of the aforementioned models of Greenworks and WORX tell that it is the cheapest blower in the list of cordless blowers.



4- DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Blower

(1517 Review) Ratings

It is the last cordless leaf blower model in this list. DeWALT concentrates the most on its motor while manufacturing of this model. Let’s have a look on its nuts and bolts.

Its brushless motor makes it highly efficient. Besides the brushless motor, its axial fan technology emits the high airspeed with great air volume. DCBL720P1 can operate at different speeds. Moreover, its maximum airspeed is 90mph. I think you will be shocked after the air volume of it. Yes, it has 400CFM air volume which is highest in the above-mentioned models. One extra feature which makes it more user-friendly and charming is speed lock. Yes, you need not to hold the button for desired air velocity rather than you can just lock the desired at which you want to blow the leaves.

The weight of this model is much higher than other cordless models. It weighs 9.7Ibs. Although it is heavier than others yet its ergonomic design helps to minimize the stress.

It operates at 20V MAX 5.0AH Lithium-Ion Battery. Amazingly, its battery run time is 30 to 35 minutes. It means you need not work in hassle because 35 minutes are enough to complete the task.

It is an admitted fact that it has a lot of unmatchable features but it is a bit expensive than others. So, if you can afford the price, it can be your best choice.



Best Gas Leaf Blowers

The other major type is gas powered leaf blowers. It is recommended by our experts that for small area yard/garden electric blowers are good. However, if the leaves have to be removed from a large area then tools powered by gas will be the best options. For the ease of our readers, we have classified further this type of blower also.

Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers

Backpack leaf blowers

We will each kind of gas engine blowers one by one. So, be with us, if you really want to rake up dead leaves debris from your garden.

Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers

One factor that is most important to consider is that gas blowers have enough power  clean up a garden. However, if we compare handheld and backpack gas blowers, we will come to know backpack have more power than handheld. Therefore, we can say that handheld can be used for home usage as well as for commercial usage. Although you can use the backpack for your home garden yet it is preferred to use at a commercial level.

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Let’s start to review handheld blowers.

1- Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Handheld Leaf Blower

(2974 Reviews) Ratings

At the list handheld gas leaf blowers, we have places Hitachi’s blower at first. The reason to place it at top of the list is simple, it deserves. Allow me to tell you how it deserves this top position.

Generally, gas-powered gardening tools are heavy in weight. Unlike other gas-powered blowers, it is not heavy in weight and can be placed in the lightweight tools. Hitachi RB24EAP is a lightweight instrument and gives an excellent user experience.

23.9cc 2 strokes engine lessens the fuel expenses. The capacity of its fuel tank is also good (17.6 fl.oz). Moreover, it emits low air as well as noise pollution.

Let’s come towards its airspeed and air volume.

As I have discussed earlier that gas-powered blowers offer good values of MPH and CFM. It emits air at 170 MPH speed with 441 CFM. So, you can remove leaves in a very short span of time.

Besides all the above features, it comes with 7 years of consumer use and 2 years of commercial use warranty.



2-Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc 4-Stroke Blower

(892 Reviews) Ratings

Makita BHX2500CA is also the best choice for those people who are searching for gas-powered blowers.

The engine of BHX2500CA is 24.5cc 4-strokes. Usually, these types of blowers are used at the commercial level. Luckily, its emission is much lower than the gas-powered tools. However, it consumes more fuel than Hitachi’s above model. 17.7 fl.oz is the fuel tank capacity. No oil mixing is needed, it works with straight unleaded gas. Net weight of the instrument is 9.8Ibs. Moreover, its ergonomic design makes it less tired because it vibrates at a low level.

Similar to the above gas blower, it is also a powerful tool. It can blow the leaves at 145MPH with 358CFM air volume.  So, this model of Makita is equally beneficial for the hard and grass surface. Moreover, dry and wet leaves can be raked up easily with this amazing tool.

It requires very low maintenance that is also a cutting edge for its users. Moreover, this model of Makita comes with a 1-year warranty.



3- Husqvarna 125BVx, Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum – 952711902

(496 Reviews) Ratings

The most amazing gardening tool that makes our list perfect. Yes, Husqvarna 125Vx is a multi-functional tool. It can blow, vacuum, and mulch the leaves and debris. Actually, 3in1 package is waiting for you to clean up your garden completely.

It uses the hunky type engine that 28cc and 2-strokes. Although the motor is heavy yet it is fuel-efficient. The fuel tank has a capacity of 16.91 fl.oz. Unfortunately, you have to bear a bit higher noise (107dBA) of this instrument, however, the emission is low.

The weight of this model of Husqvarna is almost the same as the above-mentioned models. It weighs 9.6Ibs.

Similar to any other handheld gas blower, it has high values of airspeed and air volume. It has the power to remove the leaves at 170mph and 425CFM. Moreover, it has variable airspeed option with a cruise control system.

Therefore, get your leaf blower, vacuum, and Mulcher in the shape of Husqvarna 125BVx. The price of this tool is not too high and affordable against such attractive features.



4- Tanaka Commercial Grade 2 Gas Handheld Blower THB-260PF

(309 Reviews) Ratings

The last but not the least product that we are going to review is Tanaka THB-260PF blower. It is not a common blower, however, it has breathtaking qualities.

Its motor is specially designed to save fuel expenses. Its 25cc 2-strokes engine gives a large amount of work with a low amount of fuel. Besides the fuel efficiency, it is a noiseless product. In general, it can be observed that gas-powered blowers are noisy tools, however, unlike other gas-powered tools, it has very low noise (68dBA) while operating in a garden. The weight of this product is 10.9 pounds that is also bearable and wouldn’t make you tired.

It has a high airspeed (180MPH) and air volume (393CFM). Moreover, the variable speed option makes it user-friendly with a cruise control system.

Besides all the aforementioned features, it comes with 2-year commercial use warranty and 3 years of consumer use warranty. In my observation, the price of this tool is slightly higher than other blowers with the same qualities.



Best Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers

Now it is a time to introduce the most powerful and gigantic leaf blowers. Yes, backpack blowers have the most power to remove all types of debris and leaves within a short span of time. Unless you are a commercial user then backpack blowers are not recommended for you. If you own a garden with one to the two-acres area than backpack leaf blowers have been manufactured for you. Just go, buy, and clean up your garden without any tiredness. Let’s review different backpack gas-powered blowers. two-acres area than backpack leaf blowers have been manufactured for you. Just go, buy, and clean up your garden without any tiredness. Let’s review different backpack gas-powered blowers.

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1- Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Gas Backpack Blower

(891 Reviews) Ratings

This model of a leaf blower is designed beautifully while keeping comfort in the mind. It has a 50.2cc 2-strokes engine. Its fuel tank capacity is 42.27fl.oz. To reduce harmful emissions, new technology has been introduced in the motor. X-torque motor helps to reduce harmful emissions.

The weight of backpack blowers is higher than the exception, however, owing to comfortable and padded strips, the weight divided between the shoulders of a user. Like other backpack blowers, the weight of this blower is also high that is 22.5Ibs.

Like its heavyweight, the performance of this blower is also heavy. It can blow the leaves up to 180MPH with 692.17CFM. Variable speed and cruise control option gives it a uniqueness. So, it doesn’t matter, whether you are cleaning a hard surface driveway or grass surface garden, it cleans up both equally.

Note: If we compare all other above-mentioned types than we come to know that backpack are expensive than others. So, same is the case with this model of Husqvarna.



2- Poulan Pro PR48BT Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

(500 Reviews) Ratings

Poulan Pro PR48BT is another beautifully designed blower with 48cc 2-cycle engine. It is also recommended for commercial use. Its engine is fuel-efficient and can work for a long hour with small fuel consumption.

Leaves cannot stay in front of the air that is blown by Poulan Pro. It emits air at 200MPH. Moreover, the air volume is 475CFM which is enough to rake up the leaves.  Similar to above, it has variable velocity options and cruise control system. By cruise control system, you can lock the airspeed at your desired value. By doing this, your hand is free and you need not press the speed control button all the time.

The weight of this model is also the same as the aforementioned model of Husqvarna. Nevertheless, a user doesn’t need to be worried about its weight because its adjustable shoulder straps divide the burden.

Amazingly, Poulan pro shares all the above features at very reasonable rates. So, you can invest in the right product by purchasing this tool right now. It is friendly with lawn movers.



3- Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC Blower with JumpStart Technology

(215 Reviews) Ratings

Troy Bilt TB4BP is the last best leaf blower in our list. It is designed according to the shape of a human body. Thus, this design prevents any kind of muscle aches and tiredness. Its 32cc 4-Cycle engine is enough to emit high-speed air. The common observation tells us that the tool is not too much fuel-efficient.

However, MPH and CFM values satisfy you in your work. The maximum airspeed of this model is 150MPh while the maximum air volume is 500CFM. Like all other backpack models, it has variable speed options.

The weight of this blower is 21.7 Ibs that is quite bearable. We assure this weight of the backpack will not make you exhausted. Furthermore, its long tube helps to reach unreachable places.

The amount of this backpack blower is not too higher. Moreover, it comes with two years warranty.



Last Words

We have worked really hard to compile this list of the best leaf blower. In our knowledge, these are the top blowers which are available in the market. The user experience of all the above-mentioned blowers is also amazing. If you have used any of these models and faced any issue then you can enlighten our readers in the comment box. Moreover, your suggestions mean a lot to us. You can suggest more models of leaf blowers to us. After proper securitizing, we will add your suggestions to our list. Lastly, keep visiting our blog on a regular basis because we update information on regularly. Thank You, Stay Blessed.