Top 11 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers (Commercial) 2020 Guide

Do you want a powerful and best backpack leaf blower that doesn’t make your hands tired? I know, gas-powered handheld leaf blowers have enough power to perform its task efficiently, however, your hands and arms get tired with it. If you are facing the same problem then you should think about backpack leaf blowers at a serious node.

The best backpack leaf blower shifts your burden from hands to your shoulders and you can maintain your garden and lawn in an efficient manner by removing all the leaves in one go. Moreover, the power of a backpack leaf vacuum cannot be overlooked. These Backpack tools can be used for commercial usage as well as for home.

Top 11 Best Backpack Leaf Blower for the money 2020

For your ease, we have divided the backpack leaf blowers into two categories

(i) For Commercial Usage

(ii) For Domestic and Commercial (Both) Usage

Let’s analyze the nuts and bolts of each product.

Best Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower 2020

You can use following instruments anywhere, however, below mentioned gardening tools are best for commercial use.

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In other words, we can say that we have found best and desired results for commercial usage . 

1- Husqvarna 580bts Backpack Blower Review

(105 Reviews) Ratings

Husqvarna is one of the reliable names in the industry of gardening tools. The model (Husqvarna 580bts) which is going to be reviewed is matchless in its features and power. You can remove dead leaves and debris from your 2-acre garden in no time. Let’s have a look at its CFM, MPH, weight, Noise, and engine.

First, we would love to apprise our readers about the airspeed and volume of this gigantic blower. It can blow leaves at a maximum airspeed of 209MPH and air volume of 908CFM. For commercial use, this blower is enough powerful to blow large area gardens, pathways, and driveways. Moreover, you can adjust the speed settings of air according to your requirements.

In Husqvarna 580BTS, 2 strokes X-torque engine (75.6cc) has been used in which 50:1 fuel is used. The fuel tank size is 87.9 fl.oz.

The weight of this blower is 25.8 pounds that are quite suitable as a backpack blower. The only negative point of this model of Husqvarna is its noise level that 112 dBA.



2- Echo PB-580T Backpack Leaf Blower

(54 Reviews) Ratings


For commercial use, Echo PB-580T might be the best and handsome choice of you. One of the most glaring features that will definitely fascinate you is its lightweight with high-efficiency work. It comes with black and orange color. To lessen the expense of fuel, 2 strokes engine (58.2cc) has been used in it.

However, its 2 strokes engine makes it more powerful by providing you the 215 MPH air speed. Besides its high airspeed, the volume of air is also too higher than its competitor. Yes! Its air volume value is 510 CFM. With such a high air velocity and volume, Echo PB-580T can work efficiently as per your requirements.

We know several gas-powered leaf blowers have a noise problem, nevertheless, you will have to appreciate this amazing tool because its noise level is 70dBA that is quite bearable while working.

So, keep clean your garden, yard, walkaways, and lawns with  ECHO PB-580T in a tranquil environment.

Like other backpack leaf blowers, the comfort of this tool has been kept in mind while its manufacturing.  Its well-padded straps avoid to get tired and you can work with it for a long period of time.

One more thing that cannot be overlooked when you have to work for a long period of time with your leaf blower that is the size of the fuel tank. 

Often it observes that small size fuel tank creates disturbance in your continuous task. Notwithstanding, its tank size allows to work uninterruptedly.

So, echo PB-580T is the best choice, if you want to use it at a commercial level.



3- Makita EB7650TH MM4 Backpack Blower

(39 Reviews) Ratings


Using the best blower, furnished with advanced technology, allows you to explore a lot during your cleaning session of wet leaves. And when the point comes to deal with commercial-sized areas, the usage of outdated equipment seems a senseless thought. Makita EB7650TH has been invented with a commercial-grade technology and functions as your competent crime partner while dealing corporate sector.

While utilizing the best and upgraded 4-stroke technique, the motor simplifies your task with no fuel mixing rule. Moreover, serving as a cleaner (Leaves in a yard) burning, fuel efficient feature, the engine makes Makita EB7650TH a worth buying blower. Besides primarily manufactured for commercial garden work, this terrific blower also acts as a professional mentor of its field. So, opting for this premium class backpack blower would become the best decision of your life.

The air emission at the maximum velocity, 200 mph with greatest air volume, 670cfm is the proof of its commercial-duty performance. In addition to its mighty power, the blower is easy to start through well-engineered mechanical automatic engine decompression. 

On the other hand, it is not at all a weightless product and weighs about 28.5 lbs. Since the blower does not seem suitable for old age operators. But Makita has again discovered a solution to this problem. Yes, the highly adjustable harness! That comprises of well-contoured padded back pad and padded wide shoulder straps to lessen back fatigue and stress. The stress is also reduced through anti-vibration mounts located between frame and engine as less vibration leads to more comfort.

Considering all the influential advantages, if you think that the blower sounds a helicopter then you are highly mistaken. Since the presence of large capacity mufflers guarantees noiseless operation at 76dB (A).



4- Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower

(215 Reviews) Ratings

The awesome design of Troy-Blit TB4BP allows you to do your task with comfort. This commercial backpack leaf blower is powerful enough to rake up a pile of leaves and debris within no time. This Gasoline powered leaf blower comes with a combination of black and red color.

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One of the most surprising features of this outdoor tool is its 32cc engine with jumpstart technology. Jumpstart technology makes it super easy to start. Besides its engine, its weight is not too high that is 21.8 pounds. Moreover, owing to the design of its straps and pads weight divides equally that doesn’t get you tired.

Speed and volume (150 MPH, 500 CFM) of its air have enough power to make your task easier.

Additionally, its 2-year warranty tries to make a purchase from a professional gardener.



5- Redmax Ebz5150rh/ Blowers Part # 96635840

(01 Reviews) Ratings


Redmax holds a leading position in manufacturing well-powered, competent, and best blowers primarily for commercial use. So, if you want to get something extraordinarily efficient that can clean (Wet leaves) your corporate area flawlessly then Redmax Ebz5150rh will be worth considering since it is furnished with ultra-technology that is gas powered.
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One of the best features of this backpack blower is undoubtedly its motor which is enriched with strato-charged 2-stroke technology. To clarify, this particular technique is meant to run the engine with maximum power. Meanwhile, 2-stroke technology also lessens hazardous fume emission thereby making this equipment an environment-friendly blower. Moreover, with the help of 50.2cc displacement and 2.3 horsepower, Ebz5150rh generates air at an excellent velocity of 171 MPH. however, the air volume comprises of 487CFM. 

One more point, this backpack Ebz5150rh contains max cooled back pad which utilizes air from the fan housing. The purpose behind the usage of air is just to sooth the user and to cool him/her during hot days. In addition, its harness is crafted as a super comfortable utility with wide shoulder straps and well contoured back pad.

To sum up, each and every trait of Redmax Ebz5150rh is configured while considering the requirements of commercial cleaning of leaves and debris. So, if you are primarily dedicated to buying a blower for your home use, then move ahead. Since this specific tool is not suitable for you in terms of price specifically. Moreover, be considerate while paying the final money as it weighs 22.3pounds. Therefore if you cannot manage to work with heavy blowers, then again Redmax Ebz5150rh is not your go-to purchase.

Note: Reviews of this product are not Encouraging.



Best Commercial/Home Backpack Blowers Comparison

Following list of the best backpack leaf blowers can be used for home or at commercial level. 

For home usage, below mentioned tools would not disappoint you.  

1- Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

(485 Reviews) Ratings


If you are searching for an affordable leaf blower that is low in price and high in its performance than go and get this amazing tool manufactured by Poulan. Poulan shares attractive features with a reasonable amount of tag.

Let’s analyze its nuts and bolts.

Poulan Pro PR488T has 48cc- 2 strokes engine that offers you a low consumption of fuel. Moreover, air velocity is not less any other’s velocity of commercial blowers. 200 MPH and 475 CFM are the values that make it more attractive. Moreover, Poulan’s variable velocity option is another feather in its cap.

Besides the variable speed option, you will get a cruise control feature too.

The weight of Poulan is not too high that makes you tire. Moreover, the size of it is relatively small than other models of backpack blowers.

Its adjustable and well-padded straps make the use of it easy and comfortable for you.

Either you analyze its power or look at its price, it is the most suitable blower for home users as well as commercial users.



2- Husqvarna 150BT, Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

(351 Reviews) Ratings


Tired of your previous blowers that proved an ultimate wastage of money? Want to get feature-rich equipment this time with an improved technique? In addition, the equipment must be competent to handle corporate areas as well. Then congratulations for approaching the Husqvarna 150BT (Highly positive reviews) since the blower will serve you with every demand within a reasonable price range . The power of it is much more than the cordless electric leaf blowers that is one of the best attribute of this blower.

Being equipped with the best X-TORQ technology by Husqvarna, the engine is made to reach higher levels of fuel efficiency. So, you can save up to 20% fuel on gas blowers with minimized harmful emissions up to 75%. Moreover, it facilitates its user with extremely helpful cruise control.  Besides serving you with lots of benefits, it is quite breezy to start Husqvarna 150BT. To clarify, air purge plays a significant role in this regard and removes air from carburetor and fuel system. While noticing controls, you will come to know how well gathered and ergonomically designed they are. In addition, accessing these controls is not at all a hassle as they are placed to approach easily. 

Either you use it as a handheld or a backpack blower, this utility functions as a noiseless best monster.  However, in case you prefer to utilize its harness rather than holding the equipment in hand. Then here you go with a well contoured back pad along with wide shoulder straps. Not only the load-reducing harness reduces fatigue on your body but anti-vibration dampeners and adjustable handles play an equal role.  So, it is indeed a worth purchasing item. 



3- Makita BBX7600N 4-Stroke Backpack Blower

(154 Reviews) Ratings


Makita 75.6CC is subjected to a technique that can produce power enough to clear your commercial sectors for longer durations. So, if you are not satisfied with blowers having older 2-stroke engines for your commercial regions and those blowers cannot remove leaves effectively then here we are going to unveil the service and productivity of the best tool having an upgraded 4-stroke engine.

Comes equipped with a 4-stroke motor, the blower is EPA and carb compliant and operates powerfully without any interruption.  Since the 4-stroke engine is meant to generate air at an unbelievable speed with worthwhile air volume. Which is said to be 195 mph and 526CFM respectively and therefore delivers commercial-duty power. In addition, this particular technology requires no fuel mix thereby preventing you from such hassle as well. Since 4-stroke engine rules Makita BBX700N so it is considered the most fuel-efficient blower of its class. Not only fuel-efficient but certainly the equipment which turns your dream of lesser fume emission into reality.

Moreover, this best backpack blower runs quietly and is easily maintainable as the oil filling port and drain plug are accessible. Furthermore, large capacity air filter significantly improves dust controls in order to maximize engine life. So, it is obvious that the tool can remain functional and fruitful for years to come with the same efficiency and power.

As the blower is manufactured with dynamic features, it doesn’t mean that it is heavy-duty in its size as well. On the other hand, it is absolutely compact, lightweight, and breezily portable. Other features include large capacity muffler for noiseless operation and padded and ventilated back panel with wide shoulder straps.




4- Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Handheld Blower

(128 Reviews) Ratings


Husqvarna 965102208 is designed to serve you with flexible style and features. To clarify, you can either use it in hand or as a backpack machine. Moreover, the tool also offers you a choice between a tube mount and frame mount throttles. So you can go for any adjustability that fulfills your ease requirement.

Since the engine is furnished with T-TORQ technology by Husqvarna which is entirely dedicated to saving fuel up to 20%. In addition, this T-TORQ technology is also skilled to reduce harmful fumes’ emission up to 75%. Above all, the blower is heavier in traits but does not burden the blower physically like electric cordless leaf blowers. So, here you go with powerful, cordless and weightless equipment that promotes maximum mobility around your targeted area. Furthermore, the blower is compatible with the same rechargeable battery that operates on other handheld tools. So, nothing to worry about investing in new batteries again and again

 Similarly, they have also drafted the tool while focusing on low noise emission like battery powered cordless leaf blowers. Thereby, allowing you to operate it in residential areas without annoying neighbors. Being a vacuum capable tool, the machine not only blows but also collects debris. Moreover, the availability of Air Injection centrifugal air cleaning system makes it an ideal purchase for professional landscapers. As the system minimizes chances of expected wears and maximizes the operating time between filter cleanings. Amongst other features, load-reducing padded harness and anti-vibration dampeners prevent your back from stress and from overall fatigue respectively. Most importantly, its adjustable and ergonomic handle with an inserted rubber ensures more comfort and air purge symbolizes easy starting. 



5- Greenworks BPB80L2510 Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

(94 Reviews) Ratings


Are you searching for a noise and pollution free leaf blower to remove wet and dry leaves? This masterpiece of Greenworks will remove leaves in the best way. Out of all the reviews of above-mentioned blowers, it is one of the battery powered leaf blowers with noiseless and low emission quality. Let’s examine the attributes of this battery powered leaf blower.

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By reading the name, your mind will be crystal clear that one of the most glaring property is its 2.5Ah battery with 2 years warranty. As we know that battery powered blowers remove wet/dry leaves without making noise and emission. Yes! Its noise rating is 60dB(A) that is quite bearable. Moreover, the environment-friendly feature makes it outstanding.

When it comes to its airspeed and volume then you will not be disappointed by Greenworks. 145 MPH and 580 CFM place this blower above par. Weight and dimensions of this amazing blower are also attractive. It operates at 80v.

The most fascinating characteristic about this tool is it 4 years warranty. Yes! You will get 4 years warranty for this instrument. So, remove all the leaves from your garden and yard with this feature-rich tool.



6-Dewalt DCBL590B: Battery-Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

(45 Reviews) Ratings


I think, there is no need to introduce the quality of this model of a backpack blower. Dewalt is an honorable name in the world gardening tools. Dewalt DCBL590B is one of the best backpack blowers with a battery powered option. Yes, like Greenworks BPB80L2510, it is also a cordless backpack blower with plenty of power.

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Let’s observe its different features one by one.

Dewalt DCBL590X2 ‘s 40V battery has the power to emit air at the speed of 142 MPH. Moreover, its air volume is quite good that 459 CFM. Like other battery-powered blowers, you will get a noiseless and pollution-free leaf blower of Dewalt. The noise of this unique model is 63 dB(A) that is bearable and normal.

Weight (22 pounds) and dimensions of this amazing blower are also attractive.

Additionally, it offers 3 years limited warranty. Therefore, if we analyze all its feature with the shared price tag, we will come to know that Dewalt offers a handsome tool at affordable price.



Buyer's Guide

A leaf blower can be the most beneficial tool of gardening, if you choose it wisely. There might be several types of leaf blowers, however, in our next discussion, I will tell you the most buyer’s guide about backpack leaf blower.

Nevertheless, before starting the buyer’s guide, I would like to give the answers of several questions which are asked by buyer.

Why Backpack Leaf Blowers

If you have a garden or lawn with large area and tress then backpack leaf blower is a must have tool for you. Raking up the leaves and debris from a large garden/yard is not a low hanging fruit and it needs great effort to remove all the debris.

Therefore, backpack blowers have enough power to perform this task efficiently. So, it is advised to consider backpack blower if you are the owner of a large garden.

Can I use handheld blower for a giant size garden?

Of course, you can use. However, hold a blower for a long period of time makes you tire. On the flip side, using the backpack leaf blower for a long period of time is super easy and comfortable for the user.

Gas Powered or Battery backpack Leaf Blower?

Both types of backpack leaf blowers are amazing in their performance.  However, both have several advantages and disadvantages.

If you are going to buy a gas powered leaf blower then must consider its noise and pollution emission factors. On the other hand, you should not overlook the battery run time while purchasing the battery powered backpack blower.

Moreover, keep in mind whether the laws of your region allow to use it or not. Several countries don’t allow to use it because of various reasons like noise.

Is buying a backpack worthwhile?

While investing hard earned money on a tool, one would have thought that either this tool will pay back well or not. Let me take you out from this awkward situation.  This type of model is necessary for the owner of a large garden. It will save you time as well as your energy that can be used in some other useful tasks. Therefore, by investing in this tool will never be a wastage of money and you get the actual value of your investment.

Is it expensive to use Gas Powered Leaf Blower?

The answer to this question is a big no. Almost all the gasoline powered backpack leaf blowers have a fuel-efficient engine and remove a large quantity of debris/leaves in a small quantity of fuel. Therefore, you need to worry about the expenses of it.

Backpack Leaf Blower: Buyer's Guide

Before buying a leaf blower, you should keep the following factor in mind, hereby, you can make a wise and great purchase of the year 2020.


The first and foremost factor that should be kept under consideration is the noise level of any leaf blower. Usually noise level of gas-powered leaf blowers is higher than battery powered. However, several technological advanced gasoline-powered blowers have less noisy. Decibel is the unit of noise. 

Air Speed

Another factor that must not be ignored while getting this tool. Generally, the airspeed of all types of backpack leaf blowers is high. All backpack instruments are powerful enough to make your garden clean, nevertheless, a comparison of this factor will make your buying more suitable for you. MPH (Mile per hour) is the unit of air velocity/speed.

Air Volume

Like airspeed, the volume of air is also important for the buyer of this tool. Its unit is CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). A comparison of this value of different tools is essential before buying a blower.

Variable Speed Option

Newer models offer variable speed option, therefore, always check the variable speed option in the available instrument. This option will certainly make your task easier. Old models of gas powered tools have not this option, so be vigilant while buying it.

Types of Engine

Normally, in leaf blowers 2 types of the engine have been used; 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine. 4 strokes engines are more environment-friendly and emit low carbon. Moreover, there is no need to mix the fuel ratio. Amazingly, 4 stroke engines are less noisy also.

On the other hand, you will have to mix fuel in the exact ratio for the 2-stroke engine. Ready-made fuel mixture in different ratios is also available in the market. 2-strokes engine is supposed to be noisier. However, the power of the 2-strokes engine is also exceptional.


The vibration of the tool is the most annoying factor that makes you tired fast. Therefore, always try to choose a leaf blower with less vibration.  In addition, several new models have the option to reduce the vibration, so, buying that type of model will be great for a user.

Run Time

It will place you an awkward situation if battery or fuel of leaf blower ends during removing leaves. Therefore, always keep an eye on the run time of the battery, if you go for battery powered backpack blower. Similarly, consider the size of the fuel tank for a gasoline-powered backpack leaf blower.


A machine that demand frequent maintenance can never be liked by anyone. Therefore, to analyzing this factor you must read the reviews of all the products. If reviews tell you that product demands rampant maintenance then try to avoid it.

Required Efforts to start the tool

Various tools demand exhausting efforts to start. If the same is the case with the tool -you are going to buy- then it is suggested that don’t buy it.  Try to buy a tool that stars with low effort.

Last Words

For the ease of readers, we have divided the backpack leaf blowers according to the usage. Moreover, we regularly update the list of our instruments. So, keep visiting our blog to get the most effective tool for your yard. One more point that is worthy to mention here is that you can share your experience and feedback in the comment box. We are looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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