Best Cordless Leaf Blower 2021 [Buyer Guide]

Making an outstanding choice about the best Cordless leaf blower is the most confusing task because there is a large number of options to choose from. On the flip side, I know, gardening is the most entertaining and healthy hobby of various people, like me. However, the most annoying activity in gardening is raking up the wet leaves from the garden. Moreover, if you have exhausted from gas or corded models then cordless blowers would have been the best option for you.

We know, there is a lot of choices for you in the market when you go to buy a leaf blower, nevertheless, which is the best one? This question may bring you to your wit’s end. To avoid you from acting like a bull in a China shop, we have prepared a list of top best cordless blowers models of 2021. This list helps you to get the best product.

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What can you do with a leaf blower?

A leaf blower is an astonishing tool which can be used for multi-purposes. We know, the main purpose of a leaf blower is to blow the leaves from your gardens and lawns. Apart from the main duty of this amazing tool, you can perform the following works efficiently with cordless blower.

Clean Carpenter’s Shop: It might be the best tool to clean the shop of a carpenter. This tool can blow the wood shavings efficiently.

Vacuum Filters Clean Up: Just put the leaf blower in the vacuum filter and start it. All the dust, sucked by vacuum filter will be blown in no time.

Blow the Snow: Although a leaf blower cannot this task effectively yet it is good to blow the light snow with it. Moreover, a powerful leaf blower is used to perform this task.

Dry a Car: To get a spotless car after a car wash, a cordless tool can help you a lot. Yes, you can dry your car with a leaf blower in an easy way. Additionally, you can clean the car’s interior part (Carpet like) with it.

Use it after a rain: Often it is asked if we can use a leaf blower in rain. The answer to this question can be quite comprehensive. It is recommended that don’t use electric (corded and cordless) blowers in rain. Nevertheless, you can use it after rain for blowing the water from your garden table and chairs.

Blast the gutters: It could be a good idea to blast the gutter with this equipment.

What is the best cordless leaf blower in our list?

It is really hard to answer this question in a single line. Because the below-mentioned leaf blowers are really good in their performance. However, we can divide this question into further 3 question

What is the most powerful cordless blower in our list?

What is the best lightweight leaf blower?

What is the cheapest cordless leaf blower?

The Most Powerful Tool:  The most powerful blowers are the backpack, however, here I will tell you the most powerful tool from our cordless tools list. The power of the below-mentioned instruments can be measured in airspeed (MPH) and air volume (CFM). So, by keeping these two factors in our mind we can tell you that following are the most powerful cordless leaf blower.

Greenworks 24322 (185 MPH, 340CFM)

Makita XBU02PT (120 MPH, 473CFM)

The Most Lightweight Tool: A lightweight and cordless tool can make your movement extra easy. Therefore, in our list following blowers are the lightweight and you can blow the leaves without feeling tired.

Greenworks 24252 (3.3Ibs)

Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 (3.6Ibs)

The Cheapest Tool: If you are looking for a leaf blower in an affordable range of price which can perform your required work efficiently then following tool will be yours at a reasonable price.

Greenworks 24252

How we make the list of following blowers?

To make a reliable list of cordless tools for our readers, it is a really hard nut to crack. However, we did it.

In the following list of blowers, we have tested Greenworks and Dewalt blowers personally, nevertheless, for other blowers, we have researched well and made the list. We try to tell our readers about the MPH, CFM, Voltages, battery runtime, and weight of each blower so that they can make a perfect decision and invest in the right tool.

Top 10 Best Cordless Leaf Blower Tools 2021

All the following leaf blowers are handy, wonderful choice for gardeners, professionals, and house holders. Easier to use, noise free and quieter, lightweight, and portable are the features of the following models of blower which place these instruments above par. In short, the following instruments have all the qualities which small garden owners need to clean their garden. You can get all the following blowers from Amazon

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1- DEWALT DCBL720P1 Cordless Leaf Blower

(1371 Reviews) Rating

Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower is one of the well manufactured, innovatively designed and a durable tools by Dewalt. This 20V product comes with a brushless motor that leads to improved functionality while adding efficiency to the machine. Moreover, its fan is drafted axially in quite a unique way that enhances air output. Above all, the quality and manufacturing of the fan make the product effective for a longer run.

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Not finished yet! The Dewalt masterpiece is lighter in weight and weighs only 7.1lbs. Therefore, its ergonomic design enhances your control over the utility  and relieves your arm from expected stress.

This cordless blower is certainly an inexpensive tool and is quite resourceful in preventing its usesr from cord hassle. This tool also serves precisely with its speed control which facilitates the job in a matchless way. Furthermore, it features a large blow tube and the output covers a great amount of zone. Its tiny and the best battery is an absolute beast and allows you to run it for a good period of time. In short, it is a powerful machine and is definitely compatible with the demands of ordinary homeowners. Indeed, it is stunning purchase (From Amazon) for maintaining grass and bushes. However, sidewalks, driveways, and roads are not exempted from the criterion at the same time.

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This compact and relatively noise free tool will prove to be your good purchase among your all cleansing equipment. Most importantly, don’t get suspicious as it operates on battery. Rather it will astonish you with its mighty power and will definitely rock the floor. However, if you are looking for a device with longer battery life then transfer your focus on some other products because this tool of Dewalt may disappoint you.

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2- Greenworks 24322 Leaf Blower and Vacuum Cordless

(1050 Reviews) Ratings

This blower is a well-renowned and top-notch member of GreenWorks DigiPro Brushless Series and is equivalent in functionality to gas powered tools. To clarify, the 40V, 185 Mile per hour Greenworks Cordless holds incredible potential and is a versatile device from every angle. Moreover, this model of Greenworks is a feature-rich utility and can compete for expensive and other well-manufactured blowers of dominant brands.

Firstly, the motor of the leaf blower acts like a nucleus in adding advantages and conveniences to the gadget. It has a high-powered attribute, plays a significant role in lowering operation cost and is brushless meanwhile. Moreover, it also contributes towards slight vibration, less noise (Almost Quiet), and enhancement of the machine life up to 80%.

However, you can run the machine up to 185 mile per hour with the help of variable speed. Without throwing in the mess of cord and filling gas, this tool serves you with everything through its vacuum capability.

Once charged, you could breezily clear great amount of garbage. What you need is to just snap in the battery, press a button and here you go with your tasks that will remain nothing but fun.  Since it is a 340CFM, lighter in weight Greenworks blower with an stunning design, there is nothing left behind that could add comfort to your job. So, opting for such a feature-rich and economical blower won’t become your future regret. Buying 40V 185 MPH  Cordless Blowers will undeniably mark a full stop to tools’ winterizing and unhealthy fumes.

On a serious note, the battery can last for 45 minutes until or unless you run it on maximum power. As soon as you will reach the greater point which is required for vacuuming, charging will finish within 15 minutes.



3- WORX WG575.1 Battery-Powered Leaf Blower/Sweeper

(1874 Reviews) Rating

Here again, you go with a cordless, battery-powered blower that is absolutely a jaw-dropper tool through its versatility. To clarify, the WORX AIR is an all-rounder in its own way and is surprisingly adjustable. The machinery is accompanied by eight attachments that certainly help you clean your zone without moving a single object. Moreover, these convenient attachments of blowers also allow you to complete your job efficiently and easily.

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WORX AIR instrument does not paralyze you in front of any rubbish since it cleans, clears, sweeps, brushes, and dries as required. In other words, the nozzles of the model are designed accordingly and meant for detailed cleansing without frustration. Moreover, its advantage of being cordless cannot be overlooked as the freedom to move anywhere while cleaning is a dream. So, no more dangerous fumes and mess of cords, leads towards smooth labor. Besides enjoying its portability, you also get the chance to relish your job through its weightlessness. Above all, powerful and rechargeable 32-volt MAX Lithium battery by WORX AIR makes the blower an irresistible purchase.

The best aspect of this product is that you can take it with you anywhere as your gutting partner. Most importantly, it will turn your trips to gardens, carnivals or beach a fun. In addition, its 15-20 minutes time for work(depending on the nozzles) is just perfect for your entire cleanup tasks. Since it does the job while utilizing its ultimate power. However, if you want a blower for branches, cons, and rocks, then WORX AIR is not your go-to place. Although an ideal purchase from Amazon for blowing dry litter from driveways, sidewalks, yards and hard surfaces like decks



4- Greenworks 24252: Best Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

(2638 Reviews) Ratings

Are you fed up of the mess associated with your gas-powered blower? Do you want to avoid problems related to your gas equipment for instance gas shortage, spilling gas? But find no way to escape such hassle. Or you have not come to know of an exceptional cordless blowers yet. The tool will certainly fulfill your desires regarding your small to medium sized projects. Then we have come up with an awesome appliance by Greenworks which is a better solution to your problem. Yes! Greenworks G-MAX 40V is manufactured while considering the standards of the power. However, it is cordless and battery operated at the same time which therefore turns your making the “clean project” into a recreation.

While being cordless, the leaf blower gets your job done efficiently and breezily. Moreover, the availability of the speed dial allows you to run this utility until the maximum velocity of 150 Mile per hour. Above all; the unbelievable part of the story is the productivity and influence of its power. To clarify both are extraordinary yielding without making unbearable noise. Its lithium-ion cordless blower’s battery is unquestionably a tiny beast that amazes the user with its great power. Serving you with 14 minutes of run time, this powerful model of blower helps you to complete your entire tasks thoroughly. In addition, without annoying you through a lot of precautions, this lightweight machinery is convenient to carry and use. Hence, easy to handle, operate and control with a bonus of extension tube.

However, Greenworks G-MAX 40V is not potent enough to blow heavy, damp clumps. Moreover, it is not at all recommended for large scale projects. Otherwise, it does not disappoint you while dealing with light, dry leaves, grass, or dirt off the driveway or sidewalk.



5- EGO Power+ LB4803 480CFM leaf Blower

(375 Reviews) Rating

Till now we have focused on exposing such cordless blowers that are parallel in proficiency to gas-powered blowers. But this EGO POW+ blower model is something phenomenal and surprisingly exceeds gas-powered models in terms of functionality and durability. However, if you quit considering this terrific tool just because it won’t be economical then you are absolutely wrong and you need to be correct. This magical piece of equipment is certainly budget friendly and won’t cost you your entire property.

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This machine peculiarly consists of turbine fan engineering (emits up to 480 CFM) that is competent to yield industry-leading power. Since this engineering mode is enforcement of advanced aeronautics technology. Moreover, it is furnished with a dynamic brushless motor that is creditable for the weightlessness and compactness. Most importantly, this significant capsule facilitates with a long and effective run time with minimum vibration and ease. Furthermore, this EGO + cordless blower helps you perform your job without frustrating with cords and other gas related issues.

Since no battery or charger is included specifically, the model is harmonious with all EGO POWER+ Arc Lithium Batteries. In addition, this magical utility is manufactured matchlessly with weather resistant framework. You can either clear your garage from countless leaves or can clean a wet yard, all you can do with an appropriate force setting. As turbo can move any sort of garbage. However, the speed of the machine is inversely proportional to battery life so maximum velocity will shorten battery life.



6- Makita XBU02PT 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Kit (5.0Ah)

(335 Reviews) Ratings

Makita is also a well-known brand in the world of best leaf blower cordless. Besides its various other masterpieces, Makita XBU02PT18v X2 is the most attractive instrument ever that can be used for years. This amazing tool is available at a relatively high price. However, you will enjoy its fascinating functions with this price tag.

When it comes to the velocity, its velocity is less than others. However, the air volume is much higher and gives you satisfactory results while making the garden clean. The velocity of this amazing instrument is 120Mile per hour with 473 CFM value. One reason for higher air volume is its nozzle shape that is wider than others.

When you go to read the quick reviews about it, you will come to know that it is a noisy tool. Nevertheless, my experience with this blower tells the opposite story. Yes! It is not a noisy tool at all.

One issue which might be faced by you is its weight. It is a heavyweight instrument to clean your yard. It weighs 9.9 pounds. The actual cause of its heavyweight is its two batteries. It uses two batteries at a time to increase the run-time. Amazingly, this model comes with extra batteries with a short period of charging time. These batteries charge in 45 minutes.

By enjoying above-mentioned features, one extra glaring characteristic  is its 1-year warranty. Therefore, you choose this product without any doubt about its functionality.



7- BLACK+DECKER LSW221 20V MAX Cordless Blower/Sweeper

(1198 Reviews) Rating

This invention by BLACK+DECKER is innovatively designed to make it a most resourceful blower for clearing litter from hard surfaces. For instance sidewalks, driveway, decks, yards, garages get spoiled by sand and other debris. Moreover, being a lightweight model, it incredibly emits air up to the speed of 130 mile per hour. However, a buyer gets overwhelmed through countless advantages of BLACK+DECKER LSW221 among which its noiselessness is quite inviting. In short, this cordless sweeper is capable to hypnotize its user through its fantastic service and easy control.

The most amazing part of the story is that it works with 20V MAX 1.5Ah Lithium Ion cordless battery. To clarify, the battery enough potential to maintain its charge for up to 18 months. Unbelievable! Moreover, 10-20 minutes run time is absolutely adequate for each cleaning cycle. In addition, while offering you prevention from various messes for which other blowers are also well known. It saves you from the hassle of handling and controlling as well because of its compact design and you can use it for years.

However, if you are in search of some powerful blowers that could clean your lawn in fall. Then don’t waste your time and money on this product since this model is actually a sweeper rather than a blower.



8- BLACK+DECKER LSW36B Leaf blower/Sweeper

(1509 Reviews) Ratings

A blower that immediately inspires through its flawless manufacturing, unique design and great power is BLACK+DECKER LSW36B Lithium-Ion Sweeper. Above all, this model is a super expert in cleansing hard surfaces such as driveways, yard and decks from leaves, dust, and sand. Besides being skillful equipment, it does not lack behind in efficiency as well. Therefore turning the ploishing tasks into the most perfect, fluent and productive deed of the day.

Each and every aspect of it contributes towards convenient clean procedure. For instance, it is cordless which puts a full stop to dealing with different cords. Moreover, it features power command which monitors speed and power for maximum and effective run-time. In addition, it weighs only 4.7 pounds thus enhancing your control and preventing you from stress. Not to forget, its low noise will not bother a sleeping baby as well. Lastly, it characterizes a blow-tube with built-in scraper and soft-grip handle to add more ease while in use.

However, if you want a blower for grass or flower beds, then move ahead as this tool is not your destination. Although its compatibility with both 36V Lithium-Ion and the 40V MAX* battery makes the model an attractive purchase that can be made at Amazon easily. But be cautious before paying the final mone



9- Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 Compact leaf Blower

(193 Reviews) Ratings

In red and black color, you will get a handy tool to remove leaves and debris from your lawn, garden, sidewalks, and driveways. Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 is a lightweight tool that makes your gardening hobby more interesting and easy. Either you are comparing its weight or its airspeed with other models, you will find it perfect for your small size lawns and yards.

Let’s analyze its different features one by one.

Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 is a handheld instrument that comes in black/red color with an attractive design. You will get a lightweight device (3.6 pounds) at a reasonable price. So, don’t need to worry because you are not going to feel tiredness after removing a large pile of leaves from your garden. Moreover, Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 is enough powerful with 160 Mile per hour velocity which can blow the debris. Moreover, its air volume value is quite suitable that is 100 CFM.  3-speed air control makes this device versatile in nature.

10 days returnable warranty is also a catchy feature from it.



10- Ryobi Cordless Blower 18 Volt Model P2102

(50 Reviews) Ratings

Ryobi is a famous name in the world of different kinds of tools. The quality of Ryobi tools is unparalleled. If you are searching for a leaf blower from a well-known brand, you should give a try to Ryobi leaf blowers.

Out of a large number of best cordless leaf blowers of Ryobi, we have chosen Ryobi P2102 blower which has been loaded with several unique features. However, if you want to analyze different models of Ryobi, click here

This model of the leaf blower is lightweight, allows you to work for long hours without feeling tired. Moreover, its 120MPH wind speed and 120 air volume are enough to blow the dead and wet leaver from your lawn and garden in no time.

Aside from it, the battery runtime of this model is also amazing. You can work for 40 minutes with an 18V Lithium-ion battery. All these attributes of the leaf blower come at a reasonable price. Therefore, make a decision about buying this leaf blower in minutes is no longer a problem.



Buyer's Guide for Best battery Powered Leaf Blower 2021

It is a need of the hour  to keep our home in order because house appearance has a great impact on ourselves as well as a visitor to our resident. If we divide our accommodation into 3 main parts then we come to know that a lawn/garden is one of the important parts of our home. Therefore, keep clean our resident’s garden must be our first duty.

We know that it is really hard to rake up leaves and Dandelion removing. yourself. For the accomplishment of these jobs, different models of  blowers and dandelion pullers are available in the market. These blowers make your task easy and save your time too. Nevertheless, if you have chosen the wrong blower, it not only liquidates your time but also it will be a waste of your money. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a wise purchase when it comes to the best cordless  blower.

In the next discussion, we will tell you what factors you must keep in mind while you are about to get a Cordless battery powered leaf blower. Moreover, this buying guide is being composed for a person, who made his mind about cordless product by ignoring other types and models of the leaf blowers.

Flowchart about Types of Leaf Blowers

Ultimate Buyer's Guide for the Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Before starting the various precautions, I would like to introduce the other types of the blowers, hereby, by reading the comparison, you will choose the best products.

If you are not feeling ease to read that how to choose the best one then see the following video.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Gas powered blowers come with handheld and backpack options. However, to make a cleaning task in a large zone it could be suggested. It is a more powerful tool and its power is more than 150 MPH. Before buying this blower you must ask the following question to yourself.

  • What is your requirement (Area)?
  • Your budget?
  • Rules and regulation of your region where you live

A gas Powered blower is one of the most powerful porducts as well as more expensive. So, if you need a powerful tool with a heavy budget, go and buy it.

Stop for a few minutes, if policies of your country restrict the noisy tools which may cause air pollution then don’t purcahse it.  Gas blowers are  noisy tools and can breach the law of your country.

Electric Corded Leaf Blower

An electric leaf blower (Corded)might be the best option for a person who owned a garden in his house. Moreover, the power of the electric blowers is the awesome attribute of it.  So, it could be the best choice for the people who have no issue with cord and can carry a corded extension with them. Nevertheless, if you need a free movement in your garden while removing leaves & debris, a corded leaf blower is not made for you.

Electric Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Nowadays cordless leaf blowers gain popularity in the market.  To make the movement free, it could be the best choice for you while removing wet leaves and debris from your garden, yard, lawn, or pathway.

What should I look for when buying a leaf blower?

There are various characteristics of this type of blower that cannot be overlooked. You need to consider the following attributes  of blowers while making an online purchase (from Amazon) of the best leaf blower cordless.


The size of all models of blowers is considered the most important factor. So, before buying any leaf blower, you must read the dimensions of a leaf blower. If these dimensions of leaf blower suit you the best then purchase it.

Air Flow

In a blower, the unit of air flow has vital value in the list of various qualities. Unit of air flow is described in CFM generally. Therefore, try to compare the CFM value with the price tag on a blower. Usually, CFM of cordless leaf blower varies from 300 to 500 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). In addition, the shape of the nozzle has an important role in the airflow of a blower. So, must take the shape of a nozzle under consideration. Besides CFM, take a look upon the MPH value of leaf blower.

Battery Life

Battery life is the most important attribute that cannot be overlooked. Imagine you are raking the leaves up with leaf blower and battery ends without completing its work. It will be the most awful moment in your life. Therefore, to prevent such an incident, always make it sure that battery life and timing should meet your need while working in the garden.


After analyzing the CFM, MPH, and battery life, the next important factor is the charger. You must have a knowledge that how much time will a charger take to charge the battery of leaf blower. By considering this attribute of all the models, you can save a lot of time.

Power Adjusting Feature

Nowadays, it is not a really big problem because almost every best cordless blower has a feature of power adjusting and speed control. Hence, you can adjust power as per your requirement. Notwithstanding, you must keep a bird’s eye view at this attribute too.

Comfort Level

Several leaf blowers are not lightweight and it is difficult to control them. Moreover, the vibration of a leaf blower can make you tire. Additionally, noise is another factor that cannot be ignored. However, in the case of a cordless leaf blower, noise is not such a big factor. So, having an eye on these factors would be considered wise.

Brand of Leaf Blower

It admits of no doubt that liking and disliking for a brand of a leaf blower vary from person to person. Therefore, it is difficult to tell you the straight which brand works best for you. So, it is totally up to you which type of brand you choose. However, below mentioned blower’s brands are well reputed in the market and response of these blowers is positive from users.

By keeping above-mentioned points in your mind, it can be expected that you would not make any mistake and buy the best cordless leaf blower. So, always be smart and read this buying guides before buying a blower. 

Which is better gas or electric leaf blower?

The answer to this question is subjective in nature. The answer may vary from person to person according to the demands of users. However, gas leaf blowers are usually high in power and can be the best option for large area garden owners. Nevertheless, an electric leaf blower is more environment-friendly and less noisy. So, it is up to the requirements of the user.

How Strong should be a Leaf blower?

Again a subject in nature answer is required. If you have a garden with a half-acre area then a blower with 200mph and 350CFM is the best option to clean up the garden.  However, a person with a large area garden can use more powerful blower; like backpack blowers.

Last Words

By reading all the products, I am pretty sure,  you have enjoyed and you would be able to choose your favorite, top and the best cordless leaf blower. One more thing that is essential to explain here is that this list has been updated regularly if you are still in confusion then you need to keep visiting this blog on a regular basis for updated and more product quick reviews.  Thank you, Stay Blessed. 

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