Best Electric Leaf Blower in 2020 (Cheapest and Perfect)

We Know it is too difficult to rake up all the dropped-out leaves without a leaf blower. Nevertheless, which leaf blower suits more for your needs. If you have a garden, lawn, or driveway and need to avoid it from being scruffy, then electric leaf blower is the best option for you. 

We have prepared a list of the best electric leaf blower, which is reasonable in price and perfect in blowing leaves in no time.

Let’s see below-mentioned products in detail to make your purchase ultra easy. 

07 Best Electric Leaf Blowers in 2019

While composing the following list, we keep one thing in our mind that we will give a review of such a product which is affordable and gives the best results in its performance. So, reading all the products and buy on your own choice

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1- GREENWORKS 24022 Corded Leaf Blower

(530 Reviews) Ratings

Either you want to use cordless blower or corded leaf blower is your priority, you can never pass the Greenworks model. Greenworks is one of the leading brands of outdoor tools. That’s why, leaf blowers, manufactured by Greenworks, are second to none. Here, we are introducing one of the best models of Greenworks leaf blower. Yes, it is Greenworks 24022 corded leaf blower.

In the shape of 24022, you will get a 3-in-1 tool.  With this magical tool, you can blow, vacuum, and mulch the leaves at a time. So, there is no need to buy 3 different tools for 3 tasks, 24022 is enough for all of these 3 tasks.

When it comes to its power, the model will never make you disappoint. CFM and MPH values of this model are 375 and 230 respectively. Moreover, you can run it at 2 different levels of speed, slow and high.

This amazing model of Greenworks works at 12Amp, 120V. The weight of this model is 9.26Ibs which is quite bearable and can be worked efficiently with this weight




(698 Reviews) Ratings

In corded leaf blowers, Toro has a unique name. All the models of corded Toro blowers have exceptional speed, extra power, and versatile functionality.  Toro Super blower is also versatile in its functions. You can blow, vacuum, and mulch the leaves with this model. It means that this model of Toro is also 3-in-1.

So, if you have a small garden and want to blow the leaves away, Toro will be the ultimate option for you. Just blow the leaves away and make a pile of leaves. Now collect all the leaves with vacuum of Toro 51618. In last, mulch all the leaves and use them as you want.

The power of the Toro super blower 51618 is also super. You can run this model at two different airspeed level up to 225MPH. Moreover, the air volume of this model is also breathtaking which is sufficient to collect leaves from all over the garden in one place. The air volume value of the Toro super blower is 390CFM.

It works on 12Amp, 120V. The weight of this blower is too low and even a kid can use it easily. Yes, the model weighs only 7 pounds.

Lastly, one thing that is most irritating in leaf blowers is the deafening noise of blowers. However, Toro super blower has some exceptions in its noise level. The noise level of this model is only 68dB.

Note: Toro super blower comes with a 2-year warranty.



3- BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Blower Reviews

(2694 Reviews) Ratings

Black+DECKER is also a well-known name in the world of gardening tools. The model of Black+Decker BV6000 is an air bazooka. The airstream of this model is so powerful that can blow matted and damp leaves in no time.

Generally, it is observed that gas-powered leaf blowers are more powerful, but having seen this corded blower, your thinking will be changed at 180. This model is so powerful which is not less than any other gas-powered blower.

The airspeed value of this model is 250MPH which can be run at two different levels. At a high level, the airspeed is so high that you will have to control the blower with your both hands. Moreover, the air volume of the blower is 400CFM that is quite a pretty value to make a pile of leaves.

The weight and noise level of this blower are also exceptional.  It weighs only 8pounds. Additionally, the noise level is 68dB.

Note: The model comes with 2 years warranty.



4- RYOBI JET FAN RY421021 Blower

(14 Reviews) Ratings

If you have a tight budget for a blower and want something extra-ordinary with this tight budget Ryobi JET RY421021 has been made for you. At such a low price, it shares all the features which are present in any top-notch blower.

Although airspeed is not too high, the high value of air volume can move leaves away. The airspeed value of this blower is 135MPH with 2-speed setting levels; low and high.  The value of air volume is 440CFM which is reasonable for small duty tasks.

The RYOBI’s model is perfect for blowing the leaves from a hard surface. However, from the gross surface, the exerting force of air on leaves is considered low.

Unlike the above-mentioned models of leaf blowers, this one is not versatile in functionality.

Lastly, weight and noise level of the blower is 7pounds and 65 dBA respectively. So, at a cheap price, you will get a lightweight and low noise level blower. Go and check



5- Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph

(1782 Reviews) Ratings

Toro is a top rated brand in the world of manufacturers who developed their name in crafting versatile cleaning equipment. Opting for any Toro blower would give you splendid experience but choosing an electrical tool will certainly yield exceptional results. Since electrical tools are versatile and skillful in their own peculiar way.
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51619 Electric Blower Vac, from Toro is competently designed to meet all the standards of an ultra-powerful and versatile blower. With this premium quality powerhouse, you can fluently handle your yard cleanup chores with ultimate efficiency. Most importantly, the equipment serves you in three ways. Firstly, in the form of a blower and blows all kinds of garbage, piles of leaves and sticks. For it can emit air at an incredible velocity of 250mph. secondly, it includes a high-speed vacuum which facilitates collection of debris in a vac bag. Thirdly, as a leaf shredder that promotes mulching through the large metal impeller. The well-powered impeller particularly mulches 88% of the debris so that more leaves can accumulate in the vac bag.

Moreover, the blower features a variable speed in order to adjust the blower and vacuum on the required mode. In fact, the mode which is easy to control and is compatible with the comfort level of the operator. Anyhow, if you ponder over the technique of converting the tool from blowing to vacuum mode. Then you will come to know that it is not at all a rocket science. Since quick-release latch promotes the conversion in an instant without utilizing any tool. In addition, the availability of a built-in cord lock ensures permanent attachment of the cord with blower.

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Being corded equipment, the blower contains a cord storage hook so you can wrap the extension wire around the machine. This not only simplifies storage but prevents mishandling and unnecessary knots all over the wire meanwhile. Similarly, it is again easy to assemble the whole equipment. Just collect all the parts in a vac bag and the blower is ready to be hanged.

Final Thought:

Not finished yet! The blower thrills you with some other amazing components as well. For instance a vacuum tube, bottom zip bag, power insert, and concentrator nozzle. To sum up, you cannot avail this much power at this extremely reasonable price. So, worry not and go ahead as Toro aims to surprise you with its matchlessly powered products.



6- DEWALT DWBL700 Electric Leaf Blower

(126 Reviews) Ratings

An outstanding innovation by DeWalt that is harmoniously skilled for residential as well as commercial use. To clarify, DWBL700 Leaf Blower can fulfill the demands of operators belonging to any category through its premium quality service.


Being furnished with an exceptionally powerful motor, the blower helps your cleanup task quite efficiently. While maintaining its quicker drive the equipment does not leave behind any single leaf or other garbage. So, DWBL700 Leaf Blower gets your job done in an absolute flawless way. moreover, it features a variable speed trigger that certainly helps you to monitor the air flow. In other words, the machine simplifies your task since you can adjust the speed according to your convenience. On the other hand, this tool includes a speed lock also to serve you ultimate control over generated air.

Along with the blower, you will receive standard round nozzle, flat concentrator nozzle, and 1 In. round concentrator nozzle. Attaching a standard round nozzle emits air at a 145mph with 409cfm of air volume. However, using flat concentrator nozzle throws air at the maximum speed 189mph with 288cfm. Above all, these differently sized nozzles make the blower useable for every side and corner.

Final Words:

This plugin electric model prevents you from the hassle of dealing with fast-draining batteries and their regular charging. Nevertheless sad part of the story is that DWBL700 Leaf Blower does not contain a vacuum. But its incomparable power is enough to compensate this drawback. In short, the product deserves purchase if you are really worth your time.



7- Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Tool

(2610 Reviews) Ratings

Like all other trademarks, Greenworks have given considerable focus on the crafting electrical blowers as well. Therefore, it has emerged as a very reliable brand whose name reflects its superb quality and excellent manufacturing.  Similarly, 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower is an extremely powerful member of this sequence. So, let’s have a thorough look at its attributes.


The best advantage of this machine is that it operates with a 7-amp motor which certainly guarantees zero harmful emission. Yes! Absolutely no hazardous emission thereby no gas fumes inhalation and hence no sneeze, cough or other allergic symptoms. Most importantly, this attribute makes the blower unquestionably environment-friendly equipment. Moreover, it is influential enough to yield air at a maximum speed of 160mph. That simply ensures that no debris can stay in front of this equipment and rather blows away in an instant. The overall product weighs 4.58lbs along with 20inch, two-piece blowing tube which guarantees convenient portability and storage of your tool.

Greenwork also holds its name for making energy-efficient products and same is the case with this Speed Electric Blower. Therefore, here you go with a blower that is efficient by all means. To clarify, efficient in saving energy and efficient in getting your job done. Not to forget, the blower operates with only one speed since it does not feature variable speed control.

Final Words:

Opting for this electric blower will certainly put a full stop to your random visits to a gas station. In short, electric blowers are less tiring and unchallenging to maneuver. However, if you want to utilize the blower for consumer-grade services then it can be your perfect purchase. Nevertheless, this plugin electric model is not suitable for industrial application.



Buying Guide

Before buying any product online, some research about that product can make your decision wiser and vigilant. Therefore, it is always advised that always read buying guides before going to buy any product.

In the following buying guide, we will tell you different options that must be considered while purchasing any product.

Look at your Demand

Before buying any leaf blower, you should look at your demand. Either the surface area which is to be cleaned is large or small. If it is large and you need to blow the matted and damp leaves, corded blowers are not for you. However, for medium size garden and lawn area, corded blowers will be the perfect choice for you.


Looking for power of the blower, going to be purchased, is another factor that cannot be overlooked. In power, the factors you should analyze are, airspeed, air volume, and exerting force.

For a medium-size garden/lawn, airspeed must be more than 100mph. Moreover, air volume should be more than 200CFM. Exerting force on the leaves must be more than 20N. All these values make a corded leaf blower extraordinary in its working.

Cord Length

If your maneuvering area is large and you want to move far from the switch, check the length of the cord. Usually, the length of the cord has been kept long to move freely. However, if you get a blower with a short cord, you can change the wire length according to your desire.


Price might be the priority for people while purchasing a product online. If you have also a tight budget and want to buy a leaf blower, a corded leaf blower is the best option for you. Corded leaf blowers are cheap in price and high in functionality.

Amazingly, most of the corded blowers are versatile in work, and can blow, vacuum, and mulch the leaves. So, corded blowers are the best option if you have not enough money to buy different tools.

Last Words

We have tried our best to review best electric leaf blowers. If you have any experience with other good blower, please mention in the comment section. We will test and write review of your recommended blower for our readers. Thanks and Stay blessed. 

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