Best Gas Leaf Blower & Vacuum 2020-19 (Handheld & Backpack)

If you have to look after a garden or lawn, large in size, then following best gas leaf blower have no alternative in its power. So, keep your garden, lawns, yards, and pathways in order with leaf blowers.

We know, choosing the best tool from a large number of models is the most difficult task. Therefore, to avoid you from an awkward situation while choosing the best gas leaf blower, we have framed a list of top-notch (Models) product available in markets with their features. Please read all the products’ specs carefully and make a purchase of the year for your home.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Gas leaf blower

Before buying a leaf blower to maintain your garden, you will have to perform rigorous research for a wise purchase. We have divided the buyer’s guide into two sections.

1- Before Deciding

To take the right decision, which type of leaf blower suits you the best, you should ask the following questions to yourself.


The first question, you must ask yourself, is about your requirements and need. Either you are going to clean a large area garden and have to remove wet leaves or small area garden is to be maintained. Generally, Gas-powered leaf blowers are more powerful and well-fitted for heavy tasks. Therefore, it is recommended that a gas leaf blower be bought for heavy-duty tasks.

Rules and Regulations

Owing to the increasing menace of global warming, various countries have banned gas-powered leaf blowers. Hence, it is essential to know about the rules and regulations. If the country, where you live, doesn’t allow it then go for other options like cordless leaf blowers.

Health Issues

Health is the first priority of a man. If you have any issues with gaseous fuel, used in gas leaf blowers, don’t buy it. However, by adopting several techniques you can use these powerful blowers easily. For example, using face masks and headphones can make your cleaning enjoyable rather than an annoying chore.

2- After Deciding

Health is the first priority of a man. If you have any issues with gaseous fuel, used in gas leaf blowers, don’t buy it. However, by adopting several techniques you can use these powerful blowers easily. For example, using face masks and headphones can make your cleaning enjoyable rather than an annoying chore.


The weight of a leaf blower is the first factor that must be kept in the mind. Heavyweight blowers can make your arms and back irritative throughout the night. On the flip side, lightweight leaf blowers are supposed to deliver less power. See the weight of the leaf blower before buying it.


Ordinarily, gas-powered blowers come in two types of engines, two strokes, and four strokes. Two strokes engines mainly use mix fuel while 4 strokes engines use only gaseous fuel. There is no worry to mix up the fuel with 4 strokes engine. Thus, analyze the engine type deeply before purchasing this amazing tool.


Like engine types, gaseous leaf blowers are handheld or backpack. If you want to distribute your load on shoulders, a gas backpack leaf blower is good. On the other hand, you can get handheld blowers at a reasonable price with lightweight features.


The power of this tool can be measured in two terms, airspeed, and air volume. The unit of wind speed is MPH (Miles per Hour) and the unit of Air Volume is CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). The greater the values of these variables, the more powerful the leaf blower is. Aside from these two factors, the power of a leaf blower can be measured by the engine.

Safety Measures

Because of harmful emissions from gas engines, it is a fear to be sick. Hence, always take pragmatic steps to protect you from harmful emissions. The use of face mask, headphones, and gloves while using the leaf blower is a good idea for protection.


Different brands are producing excellent products. However, we always recommend reliable brands for our visitors. Makita, Hitachi, Echo, Husqvarna brands have been producing reliable, durable, and efficient leaf blowers for years. You can buy a leaf blower from any of these brands after analyzing the aforementioned points of our buyers’ guide.

Top 09 Best Gas Leaf Blowers in 2020

All the following models leaf blowers are powerful enough to keep clean your garden, lawn, yard, and pathways in a very comfortable way.  

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1- Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke

Makita is a well-renowned company in terms of manufacturing industrial quality power tools like leaf blowers and accessories. They produce compact and energy efficient models of blowers while maintaining the strength, competency, and productivity required for industrial equipment. Moreover, penetration of ultimate uniqueness, creativity, and functionality in tools has turned Makita into worldwide suppliers of their innovative products. Besides serving its customers with premium tools furnished with out-class engineering, the company also helps with a considerable warranty. So, opting for Makita won’t throw you in loss of any kind.
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This leaf blower is peculiarly equipped with a 24.5CC commercial-duty 4-stroke motor which serves with several advantages than traditional 2-stroke motors. First of all, it prevents its user from the hassle of fuel mixing and is remarkably fuel efficient. Secondly, it facilitates with long run-time since the tank can accommodate 17.7 ounces of fuel. Lastly, the tool promotes efficient and influential cleaning with its maximum airspeed of 145mph. furthermore; it’s a low compression motor that is easy to start and maintain through simple engineering and unchallenging design respectively. Not finished yet! The engine weight also adds breeziness to maneuver and control as it is incredibly weightless in comparison to its strength. In short, this 4-stroke engine is structured to meet global demands of capability, noise level, and clean, reduced emissions.

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Being manufactured for commercial purposes, the Makita BHX2500CA Blower is an ideal purchase for clearing commercial lawn, garden, and yard. In addition, if you want to learn to blow, then it is your absolute go-to place. Since the product simplifies your learning journey through many obvious reasons.



2- Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf blower

Hitachi has greatly focused on power blowers. As a result, it succeeded to highlight its name through years with the invention of various up-to-date technologies and conceptions in different models of leaf blowers. Most importantly, its products fulfill all the criterion of performance, durability, and standards.

If you want a leaf blower that’s compatible to clean both smaller and commercial areas, then Hitachi RB24EAP is worth investment. To clarify, it is the most perfect purchase for both homeowners and professionals and won’t disappoint your expectations


It features a 23.9cc commercial-grade motor which is furnished with PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology. Being furnished with such engineering, operating Hitachi RB24EAP leads to lesser fumes and minimum environmental pollution, therefore. Moreover, the machine emits air at an incredible velocity i.e 170 miles/hour with the volume of441 cubic feet/minute. These statistics clearly ensure that the tool is worth buying for large scale cleaning tasks, for instance, autumn leaf removal. Similarly, the data also guarantees the efficiency and strength of the equipment.

In addition to this commercial-grade engine, the product features large two-finger throttle lever that unquestionably simplifies operating the blower. Furthermore, like electric blowers, its lightweight design makes this handheld blower convenient and comfortable equipment thus relieving the user from any expected stress. Above all, the availability of auto-return stop switch drains all the frustration associated with the initiating machine. Since it automatically resets the instrument to the ‘on’ position in order to facilitate startups. Hitachi RB24EAP is a well-balanced machine and its weightlessness (8.6lbs) urges the buyer to use it for cleaning household areas.

Unbelievably, the product is backed by 7-year consumer warranty. However, if it is used in non-rental commercial applications then 2-year warranty applies. On the other hand, is used in the rental application, the blower holds only a one-year warranty.

To sum up, Hitachi RB24EAP is a durable, long-lasting, innovative, and skilled tool for debris and leaves movement. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find Hitachi replacement parts once any of its get damaged. So, good luck dude!



3- Echo PB-250LN Gas Blower

Are you in search of blowers that are powerful beyond your expectations? Do you want a blower that could smooth your clearing task with its incomparable efficiency? Moreover, do you really want to purchase a product that is manufactured without any comprise on quality and productivity? Then Echo PB-250LN is your appropriate station and you need not to wander here and there. Echo models of blowers are considered legendary inventions as they are powerful, skilled, sturdy, consistent and what not. So, get ready to dive in the sea of amazement of leaf blowers. Since you are going to get learned about a champion of cleaning debris and leaves.

Best Features of Gas Leaf Blower

Echo PB-250LN is absolutely a terrific utility that is crafted to last forever by its manufacturers. With maximum airflow of 391cfm and velocity up to 165mph, the tool certainly unveils its full potential. In other words, the leaf blower is well-engineered to clear lots of leaves and other debris from garage, lawn, yard, and patio. However, its 65 dBA, 25.4cc, 2 Stroke Engine is the real originator of the power produced. To clarify, the motor acts a real workhorse with the help of fuel tank which can accommodate 16.9oz of fuel. In addition, the variable speed control does not overlook to play a significant role in maneuvering the blower. For, you can adjust the velocity of air of the tool according to your comfort and the amount of garbage. Furthermore, the machine also accompanies:

  • Powerhead
  • Pipes
  • 2-stroke oil
  • Compliance EPA

To sum up, the Echo PB-250LN model holds an awesome value for the price and will be your most fruitful purchase. While configuring this cordless leaf blower, the manufacturers have prioritized immensely on the design and quality of the equipment. As you can see its black tubing and bright orange casing imparts a sharp appearance to the product. Therefore, the machine turns out to be a sophisticated, creative, sturdy, and durable invention by Echo.

But be aware! If you want a tool for commercial purposes, then this handheld utility will definitely fail to fulfill your expectations. Rather it may become a source of frustration and annoyance for you. 



4- Husqvarna 125BVx Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum – 952711902

Husqvarna is one of the old company which matured itself in manufacturing a variety of garden/yard equipment (Leaf Blowers and vacuum) with the passage of time. Besides introducing advanced technologies in lawnmowers, trimmers, and chainsaws, Husqvarna has given deep concentration towards manufacturing efficient and versatile models of leaf blowers.

So, if you are searching for a blower that offers lawn/yard vacuuming and facilitates the debris and leaves collection in a vacuum bag. Then Husqvarna 125BVx is absolutely made for you. Moreover, you need not to think a lot before getting this amazing product.


First of all, the blower features a two-cycle motor that amazes the user with its fuel-efficiency. To clarify, the engine consumes fuel at the reasonable speed of 575 g/kWh which makes this machine exceptionally outstanding equipment. Most importantly, this logical velocity becomes the cause behind the sustenance of high-volume 16.91-ounce tank for a longer period of time. Moreover, with the help of maximum motor power , 8000RMP, the tool throws air at the velocity of 170 miles/hour. Incredible! No heaviest debris could withstand such power and strength and will easily blow away. So, there is no way left to suspect skill of Husqvarna 125BVx. Above all, the most unique feature of the instruement is cruise-control function which maintains fan velocity at a constant level. In other words, this particular aspect prevents you from the frustration of regulating blower’s (Vacuum) velocity continuously.

While being furnished with so many benefits, the blower is not at all overweight. Rather it weighs only 9.6 pounds which simplifies handling and maneuvering the product. However, the added comfort does not end here. The fan housing is situated at a place to direct the air stream in line with the handle. Thus cutting down rotational force on your wrist and preventing you from sore joints after long use. Furthermore, the makers of this handheld blower have reduced resistance in the starter cord up to 40%. Thereby turning the task of initiating the machine into an unchallenging and effortless deed!

About vacuum bag: Since the product is a perfect purchase for only small scale areas and homeowners. But putting on and off the vacuum bag is not less than a hassle. However, this characteristic is incapable of throwing the tool out of the list of top-notch machines.



5- Poulan PLB26, 26cc Leaf Blower 2020

This blower manufactured by Poulan is quite renowned for its power, strength, and potential to remove heavier debris and leaves. So, if your mission is to invest in blowers with an improved technology which makes it divinely productive equipment. Then, Poulan PLB26 must be your final choice


Being furnished with a 26cc 2-cycle engine, the tool is made to fulfill your all expectations regarding potency and effectiveness. Moreover, the presence of standard choke carburetor & spring-assisted starting system makes a buyer helpless in front of this utility. Since both, the pros contribute noteworthily in adding ease to the equipment while in use.

Furthermore, the air gets emitted at the jaw-dropping 190mph velocity with 430CFM airflow to strike influentially on the targeted litter. In addition, you can adjust the velocity according to your job level with the help of trigger-operated variable speed. However, being enriched with various undeniable advantages, the blower does not cause you to fatigue through its weight like electric models. Since it is made ultimately to facilitate your clearing task through weightlessness and soft-grip handle without straining your joints.

In short, investing your precious earning in Poulan PLB26 will give you exposure to a heavenly world of convenience. Being a budget-friendly article, the article does not burden your pocket but serve you beyond your hopes.

However, if you are a right-handed person, the blower may irritate you as the intake continuously grabs your shorts. Moreover, if you will hold the equipment in your left hand, it will throw hot air on your legs. So, you would have to blow the debris and leaves while holding your tool awkwardly which gets hell tiring.



6- Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Like any other electric cordless leaf blower, Craftsman B215 is light in weight. However, the power of this stupefying tool is much more than any cordless tool. So, you can use it to maintain your yard or garden. Let’s have a look at its different features;

Its 2 strokes 25cc motor makes it fuel-efficient model. Nevertheless, its airspeed (200MPH) and air volume (430 CFM) is enough to blow the leaves according to your desire.

Additionally, starting with ease is the major problem with a best gas leaf blower. Craftsman B215 gives you the easy start technology within 3 steps. Moreover, its variable speed option is another feather in its cap.

Extended Nozzle provides you the ultimate ease to your task.



7- Tanaka TRB24EAP Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

Another gas-powered leaf blower is presented by Tanaka. One of the most breathtaking attributes of this masterpiece is durability. Owing to its durability, Tanaka provides 7 years warranty that is unique in nature. We bet, there is no other brand of a leaf blower that is providing such a long period warranty.

Besides its long duration warranty, this model has 2 strokes 23.9cc motor that gives you incredible savings in fuel. Weight of this product is light like cordless electric blowers.

Its airspeed (170 MPH) and volume (441 CFM) permits to get your task more efficiently and fast.

It admits of no doubt that with this airspeed and volume heavy-duty cannot be performed well, however, its lightweight would make you tired.



8- Remington RM2BL Ambush Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower-Vac

Remington always tries to serve the best to its consumers. Therefore, this model of Remington is also a masterpiece of it. This blower/vacuum has 2 strokes 27cc motor that is less noisy like cordless electric models.

Furthermore, if we compare its weight with other gas-powered leaf blowers then we will come to know that it is slightly heavier than others.

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This tool comes with 2 years limited warranty. Moreover, its airspeed (205 MPH) and air volume (450CFM) makes it perfect for household usage. However, you may use it for commercial use.

Its minimal price makes your mouth watery because such an inexpensive tool with great features is really hard to find.



9- Husqvarna 965877502 Gas Backpack Blower

Now we have come up with a solution for people who are fed up investing constantly in multi-skilled blowers. But do not get appropriate results required for their large-scale area. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT will unquestionably fulfill your demands in regard to clean debris and wet leaves from your large-scale or commercial-sized area like any other lawn mowers. While maintaining all the standards of technology, quality, and ease.


This backpack blower, first of all, features an X-Torq engine that is exceedingly fuel-efficient and runs while emitting lesser fumes.  To clarify, it consumes 20% less fuel in comparison to the standard 2-stroke engine and generates 60%less fumes similarly. In addition, the X-Torq engine is exceptionally powerful and works with the greatest power velocity of 7500RMP. Moreover, it is skilled enough to emit air at the speed of 180mph to blow even great piles of leaves. Hence surprises you with extraordinary power than your demand. Furthermore, the presence of 42.27-ounce tank can support the motor during several hours of use.

The backpack blower also prevents its user from the hassle of continuous velocity regulation. Cruise-control function works in this regard and maintains fan speed at a constant level. Looking forward to more features that contribute to the convenience of the equipment, you will notice a ventilated harness. The harness is furnished with a hip belt and wide shoulder straps that are configured according to the user’s contours. The hip belt and shoulder strap significantly reduce a load of this backpack model thereby turning cleaning task into maximum fun.

Either your aim is to buy a product for clearing debris from your garage, lawn, sidewalks, or driveways. Then Husqvarna 965877502 backpack model does not worth buying since there are so many reasonably priced blowers compatible for clearing smaller areas.



People Also Ask (FAQ)

Is CFM or MPH more important in a leaf blower?

First of all, you must know the area of your garden or yard from where you will have to remove leaves and debris.  After knowing your task’s nature, the most important factor that you should keep in mind is the values of CFM and MPH. Both CFM and MPH values are interrelated and cannot be overlooked while purchasing a leaf blower.

For example, if you have high value of CFM, however, with low speed of air (Low value of MPH) you will be unable to clean the yard effectively. Therefore, CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and MPH (Miles per Hour) are the most important in a leaf blower which must be kept under consideration.

What is good CFM for leaf blower?

Value of Cubic Feet per Minute depends upon your need and requirement. Therefore, answer of this question varies from person to person owing to their demands.

However, if you have a yard/garden with more than one acre area than more than 300 CFM value is considered good. Moreover, with small cleaning area, more than 100 CFM value is good.

What is the best 4 strokes leaf blower?

Above mentioned leaf blowers have positive and excellent reviews. However, in our list of best gas leaf blowers, Makita BHX2500CA is the best 4 strokes leaf blower. You can analyze its CFM and MPH value. Moreover, price of this product is also reasonable.

Last Words

Have you found your best gas leaf blower from the above list? I hope, you have got your desired product from the above mentioned tools/blowers. However, if you want to know more about updated tools and leaf blower then you will have to visit our blog regularly. To facilitate our readers, we always update the best and outstanding tools on a regular basis. Therefore, keep in touch and find your favorite tool to keep your garden and lawn clean. Thank you. Stay Blessed

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