DeWalt Battery Backpack Blower: DCBL590X1 (40V Cordless Tool)

DeWalt Leaf blowers are famous for their brushless motors and power. Here, we are going to scrutinize a model of DeWalt which is unique in its type. Yes, we are talking about DEWALT DCBL590X1. It is a battery backpack blower that has sufficient power to blow the leaves, debris, dust, and dirt from your home and garden. This backpack blower has several specialties. The other reason for the popularity of DeWalt blowers is their durability. Let’s analyze the different features of today’s product one by one.

DeWalt battery Backpack Blower: DCBL590X1

DeWalt Battery Backpack Blower: DCBL590X1

Above we have said that DCBL590X1 is unique because of its battery and backpack type. If you use leaf blower frequently to keep the Garden clean, you would have known gas-powered backpack blowers. However, this blower is an electric-powered backpack blower that’s why it is unique in some way.


The weight of a leaf blower is such an important factor that cannot be passed over. Generally, backpack blowers are heavy-weighted. With this model of DeWalt, there is no exception and it is also a heavyweight blower. However, the weight divides between your shoulders and you never get tired and exhausted after working for long hours.


Without considering this factor, the chances of  money-misspending are too high. Here, the power means the force which leaf blower exerts to blow the leaves. To measure the power of leaf blowers, two factors are much important Air Volume (CFM) and Airspeed (MPH).

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As far as these values have concerned, this model will never let you down. The MPH of this model of blower is 142 while the air volume is 450CFM. These number games are enough to accomplish the task breezily.


The most noteworthy component of a battery-powered cordless leaf blower is its battery. With a flawed or defective battery, you can’t move even a single leaf with your leaf blower. Therefore, the quality of the battery can never be compromised at all.

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Fortunately, this blower uses two batteries at the same time. However, if you have a single battery (40v, 7.5Ah) it works great with it for a short period of time. For a single battery, you can work for 40 minutes at maximum speed. On the flip side, double the runtime with two batteries.

Size and Comfort level

The size of the DeWalt DCBL590X1 backpack is not large. Actually, it is a smartly built gardening tool. Nevertheless, to reach the unreachable spaces, Dewalt DCB590X1 provides a long nozzle. When it comes to its comfort level, you will be happy to know that its comfy straps never make you tired. Moreover, the vibration of this blower is too low which is also a sharp edge of this blower.

Noise level and harmful emission

As we all know that the menace of Global Warming has hit our planet. To avoid the planet from global warming, the usage of environment-friendly tools must be encouraged. By using this leaf blower, you can get rid of harmful emissions like Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Mono Oxide.

Interestingly, cordless blowers have low noise pollution. The noise level of this blower is 63dBA that is quite bearable.

Quick Comparison

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Ryobi RY40440


Last Words

So, if you want an environment-friendly and quiet-working tool, DeWalt DCBL590X1 will be a perfect choice. We hope, the above review about the DeWalt Battery Backpack blower will help you to make a decision about purchasing it. Stay blessed.

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