DeWalt DWBL700 (Electric Leaf Blower Corded)

If loud noise, fume, and harmful emission are the problems when you are searching for a highly powerful leaf blower (not gas-powered), an electric corded leaf blower might be the best option to choose from. The reason is obvious. A corded leaf blower is powerful enough like Gas-powered blowers and having no problems as mentioned above. Here, we are going to review one of the best-corded leaf blowers that are Dewalt DWBL700. Dewalt is one of the leading companies in gardening tools. The sturdy body, less noisy, low emission and high power of Dewalt blowers make the demand high. Let’s analyze the different features of DeWalt DWBL700 in detail.

DeWalt DWBL700 Electric Leaf Blower

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As we have mentioned above that DeWalt is first priority while choosing any gardening tool by gardeners. So, the DeWalt DWBL700 model has been designed to meet the requirement of an owner of a large size garden.

When it comes to its airspeed, you will never be disappointed. The airspeed tends to move dense and matted and wet leaves. The value of Airspeed is 210MPH. 210MPH airspeed and 410 air volume comes out from the nozzle with sharp airstream which can blow the leaves away in no time.

Moreover, it provides complete control of airspeed. At low airspeed, handling of the blower with one hand is quite easy because of its lightweight. Yes, it weighs only 9.8lbs. However, you need to handle it with both hands when you are running it at maximum speed. At 210MPH, airflow pushes the blower back and you need to hold the blower near leaves, therefore, your both hands are required to handle the blower at its maximum speed.

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To provide you a tranquil environment while cleaning a lawn/garden, DeWalt tries its best to keep the noise level low as much as possible. That’s why, at maximum speed, the maximum noise level which can be observed is 68dBA which is quite bearable. Aside from the low noise level, as we know that electric leaf blowers emit low harmful gases. And the emission ratio of electric leaf blowers is almost zero as compared to gas-powered blowers. So, you will get a sturdy, efficient, and powerful blower at a reasonable price which is low in emission and noise.

Note: Manufacturers provide 3 years warranty to this product.



Last Words

DeWalt DWBL700 is the only corded blower, made by this brand. This model of DeWalt would be your perfect choice for large area garden and heavy duty tasks. So, if you want a  less noisy, low emission and powerful blower, this would be the best option for you. Just give a try to this. 

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