Hitachi Cordless blower Reviews 2019-20 (Top 02 Tools)

Technology has integrated a lot into every aspect of our lives. Either it is cooking, or traveling, communications, or medical treatments. You will find the fantastic services of technological advancements everywhere; the same trend goes for cleanings.

It’s autumn, and your garden is full of dried leaves. What would you do? Take a broom and start cleaning and spend hours in that or refer to this fantastic range of¬†HITACHI¬†Leaf blowers. These products are not confined to only leaves cleaning, but can also be used for blowing away the dust, dirt, or anything that comes in your way.

Top 02 Hitachi Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews 2020

Though there are a number of products manufactured for this purpose, we have chosen the best suitable regarding all the aspects and presenting them to you. So that you get a clean and satisfying cleaning experience. The first one in the list is:

1- HITACHI Battery Powered Blower RB36DLP4

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly, quite working blower for your garden to be cleaned. The Hitachi Leaf blower RB36DLP4 will perfectly meet all of your demands. There are several specialties of this product that is making it a hot product in the market. Most importantly, it’s extra-long working efficiency that can continuously work up to 30 mins with a single battery.

To complete all of your cleaning demands, the product throws the air at the velocity of 118mph with 470 CFM. The working of Hitachi Leaves blower RB36DLP4 is not only confined to blowing leaves, but it can also be used to throw away any dust or dirt on your ways.

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The functionality of the device can be more enforced and customized because of its four-level, and still, if you are not satisfied with the working, the Turbo Level is there to fulfill your whole demands. It will give you the optimum level of activity. The device working is based on specific functions that work in an utterly environment-friendly way and leave no carbon residues in the atmosphere.

The motor adjusted in the blower is of four brushes that make it work 50% more powerfully and efficiently as compared to the ordinary motors. Moreover, the operation is very calm and without any loud noise and vibrations




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If you are looking for something to clean your small tasks, the Hitachi also manufactured this RB18DSLP4 cordless leaf blower. This handheld device uses the 18V and 3Ah Battery. At maximum speed, the battery runtime is 20 minutes.

This amazing blower has a blowing velocity of 78 miles per hour. It also comes with this taper nozzle that makes the airflow with more intensity. The device has an air volume of 78 cubic feet/minute that makes all the dirt to be wiped like a breeze. The HITACHI RB18DSLP4 model is lightweight and portable in design that makes it easy to handle and use. It weighs only 3.5 pounds. This model comes with a zero-emission high-performance. It releases zero-fumes in the air that makes it an environment-friendly device.

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The manufacturer offers seven years of consumer warranty, as well.



Last Words

To conclude, if you are looking for a better option among the manufacturer, Hitachi is the best one. And going forward specifically with the working requirements. If you need small amount of work done in minutes, you must go for the HITACHI RB18DSLP4 leaf blower and if your work is heavy duty, you can opt the RB36DLP4

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