Hitachi Gas Leaf Blowers 2019 Reviews

Hitachi is a Japan-based company, however, the network of this brand is worldwide. You can observe branches of Hitachi in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Here, we are only going to analyze the different features of Hitachi Gas Leaf Blowers, however, Hitachi deals with a diverse range of tools related to different fields like; Telecommunication, Automotive, and Construction Machinery. The history of the Hitachi brand is too old and you can trace it back in 1910. In 1910, it was established as an electric company. Owing to the shortage of time, let’s cut to the chase and review the gas-powered leaf blowers of Hitachi.

Top 02 Hitachi gas Leaf Blowers

Having read the following reviews of Hitachi blower, you will be able to reach a conclusion, whether you should purchase a Hitachi leaf Blower or not. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on different blowers’ features.

1- Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower Handheld

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One feature that must be mentioned here is that Hitachi tools have inherent durability. Hitachi RB24EAP has also the quality in it, therefore, this blower comes with 7 years warranty.

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This model of Hitachi uses 2 strokes engine with power. The engine, used in it, is famous for its durability and power. Generally, it is observed that gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are low in power, however, this model is powerful enough to blow the leaves away.

The CFM and MPH values of this handheld gas leaf blower are enough to clean a garden with the half-acre area. The variable airspeed of this blower is 170MPH and air volume is 441CFM.

This model of Hitachi can be placed in the list of lightweight products. Handle blowers cannot be made heavyweight. Owing to the heavyweight, arm muscles stretch badly and cause pain in the arm. By keeping this factor in mind, this blower weighs only 8.6 pounds. The noise level of this product is relatively higher that is 87 dBA.

The last feature which cannot be passed over is the size of the fuel tank of a gas-powered blower. This blower has 17.6 fl.oz tank size that is enough to remove the piles of autumn leaves.



2- Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Handheld Blower

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The second model of Hitachi makes our list of Hitachi gas leaf blowers perfect. The engine, used in it, is 25cc 2storkes. Because of its powerful engine, this leaf blower of Hitachi has been used at a commercial level to blow the dead leaves in autumn.

Interestingly, this model comes with variable speed options. The maximum wind speed of this masterpiece is 180MPH and the maximum air volume of it is 393CFM. Variable airspeed with a comfy handle grip makes it worthwhile for gardeners.

The weight of this model is relatively higher than the aforementioned model of Hitachi. The weight of this model is 10.9 pounds. However, this weight is also bearable for hard workers because it is packed with amazing features. One reason for its slightly heavyweight is the large size of the fuel tank. The capacity of the fuel tank is 20.3 fl.oz.

The eye-opening attribute of it is a 3-in-1 tool. Aside from leaf blowers, this model works as a vacuum and mulcher as well. The noise level of this blower is relatively low that is 81dBA.

If you want to use it at a commercial level then Hitachi will provide a 2-year warranty to its customers. On the flip side, for consumer usage, Hitachi presents 3 years warranty.



Last Words

Having seen different characteristics of Hitachi gas leaf blowers, you have assessed that in durability, any other brand cannot compete Hitachi. Besides durability, you also observed that all the Hitachi leaf blowers are powerful enough to blow the dead and wet leaves. Keep visiting our blog for more updates and don’t forget to give us your suggestion in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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