Makita Cordless Leaf Blower: Top 4 Product Reviews 2019-2020

Makita has been serving for more than 100 years in the world of tools. This company was founded in 1915 which was supposed to make electric motors. However, in the current era, Makita cordless leaf blowers have a separate identity among users. Cordless blowers of Makita are feature-rich tools which can make your gardening hobby extra easy. So, keep clean your garden with amazing blowers of Makita, no matters if you are facing back pain or too old to work in a garden.

Let’s move forward to the breathtaking qualities of blowers.

Top 4 Best Makita Cordless Leaf Blowers 2020

Following tools of Makita have shown extraordinary results to their users.  We have personally tested the tools and now it is a time to share our experience with our readers. Let’s jump to the main topic.

1- Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit

(401 Reviews) Ratings

Among cordless leaf blowers presented by Makita, XBU02PTI is one of the best cordless leaf blowers. It is the only leaf blower that is successful to get 5 stars reviews from its users. Let’s move forward to the details of this amazing blower.

Its brushless motor provides the 28 minutes runtime at its mid-speed. Moreover, this model of Makita uses 2 LXT batteries of 18V lithium-ion 5.0Ah. So, with this provided runtime you can accomplish your task with great satisfaction.

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Apart from the battery run-time of this model, its airspeed and volume are also exemplary.  With this price range, it is really hard to find such an airspeed, volume and battery time. It can blow the leaves up to 120MPH with 472CFM air volume. Moreover, its 6-speeds options make it more attractive. Above all, it works quietly (with 61dBA) with zero-emission. Another breathtaking feature which cannot be overlooked is its low maintenance quality. Yes, it demands maintenance on and off.

The last but not the least attribute is its weight. Although cordless blowers are lightweight yet this model cannot be placed in the list of lightweight models.  Owing to double batteries and other design features, it weighs 20.5Ibs.



2- Makita DUB182T1 Cordless Blower Kit

(376 Reviews) Ratings

Another model, presented by Makita, makes our list of Makita cordless leaf blower. No doubt, DUB182t1 is also a great tool to blow the leaves, however, it has no comparison with the above-mentioned model of Makita Blower.  Let’s see its different characteristics like; MPH, CFM, Weight, and battery run-time.

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It uses 18V LXT Lithium-Ion single battery and the run-time at high speed is 12 minutes. However, run-time increase when you start to work at low air velocity. At medium speed, it can work for 25 minutes and lowest velocity option, its run-time increases up to 50 minutes.

Its velocity of air doesn’t make you disappointed. The maximum air velocity of this model is 179MPH. Nevertheless, air volume of this model is not much attractive that is 91 CFM only.

The most fascinating feature of this model is its ergonomic design. It is designed beautifully which doesn’t make your tired. Furthermore, it is a lightweight tool and it weighs only 3.9Ibs.



3- Makita XBU01PT Cordless Leaf Blower Kit

(64 Reviews) Ratings

Are you looking for a blower with high airspeed, high air volume, battery’s long runtime, and lightweight? If your answer is yes then XBU01PT have been made for you. You will get all the aforementioned features in this model.

Like XBU02PT1, it also uses two batteries of 18V, LXT 5.0Ah. Moreover, the motor, used in this model, is developed by Makita itself. So, Makita developed motor and two batteries give you the long runtime. Yes, you can work for 30 minutes at high speed after a single charge. Interestingly, the runtime of its battery increases up to 1 hour at low air velocity.

Additionally, its fetching airspeed and volume make you a fan of this model. Maximum air velocity is 208MPH while maximum air volume is 155 CFM. With this powerful air, you can blow all the leaves in no time.  In addition, it has 2-speeds options, and you can operate it at two variable velocities.

Unlike XBU02PT1, the weight of this model is not too high. It weighs only 13.1Ibs. It admits of no doubt that its weight is relatively higher than other cordless blowers, however, the weight of this model is quite bearable.

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4- Makita DUB183Z Floor Blower, Tool Only

(45 Reviews) Ratings

Makita DUB183Z is a continuation of DUB182Z with some different features. What these features are, we will know in our next discussion.

Start with the runtime of a battery. You can operate it for 18 minutes after complete charge at maximum speed. Like the above model DUB182Z, it also uses the same battery.

Its airspeed and volume are sufficient for small duty tasks, however, if you have to do a heavy task then it will not be recommended. The air velocity of this blower is 116MPH and volume is 91CFM. These values are quite good for small duty tasks.

Lastly, it is the lightest blower on this list. It weighs only 2.9Ibs. Additionally, it has a long nozzle with a curved end that makes your work super easy.



Last Words

All these aforementioned models of Makita are available in the market. We have tried these models personally so that you can get an honest review. Moreover, we researched different cordless blowers and we found that Makita is also a good brand for cordless blowers. We hope you would like our efforts. If you have any suggestion, you can give us in the comment section. Keep visiting our blog on a regular basis because we update it regularly. Thank you! Stay Blessed.   

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