Pros and Cons of Cordless Leaf Blowers

As we have discussed earlier how a battery powered cordless leaf blower works. In this section of the article, we are about to inform you of the several advantages and disadvantages of these types of leaf blowers. Be with us, if you are really interested to know about the pros and cons of a cordless leaf blower.

Advantages of Cordless Leaf Sweeper/Blower

First, we would like to discuss the several advantages of cordless sweeper/blowers which are provided by only this genre of leaf blowers. Other types like gas powered or corded blowers are not able to give you the following benefits.

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1- Freedom of Movement

If you really want to get rid of corded tools for your yard and garden then cordless leaf blower might be the outstanding option for you. However, a cordless leaf blower can be a gas powered or battery powered blower. Now it is according to your requirement which type of blower suits you the more. If you have a large sector of your garden then gas powered (Noisy) leaf blower will be the great option for you. Nevertheless, for a short area of the yard in the house, battery-powered leaf blower may be your choice of the years.

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2- Lightweight

All models of battery powered cordless leaf blowers are  lightweight tools and can be used at ease. Generally, gas-powered leaf blowers are heavy in weight and these tools make you tire after raking up the leaves. However, the same is not the case with battery powered leaf blowers. Owing to the lightweight, you can keep your garden in order without any tiredness.

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3- Less Noisy

One of the most fascinating features of this type of leaf blowers is its quiet nature while removing up the leaves. Other blowers like gas powered have a deafening sound which not only irritates yourself but also annoys your neighbors. So, bring calmness in your life by a battery-powered cordless leaf blower.

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4- Environment-Friendly

Today, our planet is facing the most dangerous challenge in the shape of Global Warming. By using a Gas blower, we are adding fuel to the fire and aggravates the situation more. On the flip side, battery powered leaf blower are environment-friendly and have no harmful emission.

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5- Budget Friendly

This type of leaf blowers is available at an affordable price. So, you can keep clean your garden, yard, and lawn at a very reasonable price. Moreover, these tools don’t demand maintenance frequently.

Disadvantages of the Gardening Tools

Before buying any tool, we should focus on both sides of the picture. It is not enough to read the aforementioned benefits to purchase a tool. You should be aware of the negative sides of a cordless leaf blower. Following are the cons of the tools;

1- Short Run-time

It admits of no doubt that cordless leaf blower gives you the freedom of movement with ease. However, short and limited run-time is another black side of the leaf blower. It can be an awful situation when the battery stops to work and you have to clean more than half of the garden. So, you will have to wait the battery to charge up, so that you can start your work again.

2- Less in Power

As we have mentioned earlier that battery sweepers are good for small area . However, for a large area of the garden, it will not be a good choice. Because these blowers are not high in power and disappoint you. So, always keep in mind about your requirement before buying it.

Infographic about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Leaf Blowers

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