Ryobi Cordless Backpack Blower (RY40440 40V Battery Review 2020)

Normally, you have observed that Electric cordless leaf blowers are handled by hand. Besides some exception, you will rarely see an electric cordless backpack blower. However, in the quest of something unique and stunning, Ryobi always presents a wondrous product for the people. Our today’s leaf blower is a unique product of Ryobi and you have never observed such type of gardening tool before. A powerful, backpack, and cordless Ryobi blower is here to analyze. Let’s move forward its different features.

Ryobi Cordless Backpack Blower 2020: RY40440

Ryobi Cordless Backpack Blower: RY40440

If you have annoyed from noisy gas powered leaf blowers and hunting for a perfect blower that blows the autumn dead leaves with equal power of gas powered blowers then congratulate. You have found the right one.  Yes RY40440 cordless backpack blower has the same qualities like powerful gas powered tools but has no noise at all.

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Weight could be the first decisive factor for purchasing a blower. A lightweight tool can make you feel comfortable after performing a heavy duty task. On the other hand, heavyweight tool causes a back pain, arm pain, tiredness in a short span of time. Ry40440 blower weighs only 21 pounds. This amount of weight is quite normal because of backpack handling type.


As we have mentioned earlier that power of this battery backpack blower is not less than any other blower. You can use it for removing the leaves from a large area garden or lawn. This battery powered leaf blower has 145 MPH wind speed, moreover, 680CFM (Cubic feet per minute) air volume push the leaves with full force. Amazingly, a user has full control on the airspeed of blower.


Battery of this wonderful product is 40V and 5 Amp. This lithium-ion battery charge-up time is more than 3 hours. The more important factor that cannot be passed over is the battery runtime. If battery runtime is too short then you won’t complete your task. Therefore to avoid completing task in any hassle, must note the battery runtime of the blower. As far as this product’s battery is concerned, you can use fully charged battery for 35 minutes at full speed.

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Size and Comfort level

This Ryobi 40v battery backpack leaf blower has compact size. The shape of this blower has been made according to the shape of the back of a user. The specially designed shape of the blower supports the shoulder and never let the shoulders to be tired.

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Noise level and harmful emission

Noise level and harmful emission is almost equal to zero in case of battery-powered tools. The noise level of this blower is 59 dBA which is quite bearable. When it compare to the gas leaf blower that has almost 90dBA noise level. So, enjoy your fast, quick, noiseless, and emission free task with RY-40440.

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Quick Comparison

GreenWorks BPB80L2510​

Ryobi RY40440


Last Words

To conclude with RY40440 is an amazing tool to clean up your garden, lawn, driveways, and walkways. It will be a perfect choice to use it at commercial level. Furthermore, this model is not only efficient to blow the leaves but also good at blowing dust and snow. So, keep visiting this blog for more updates.  

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