Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blowers 2019-20 (18V and 40V tools)

The introduction of Ryobi can take a lengthy write-up. Gardening tools are just a small part of this famous brand. Indeed, this amazing brand has been rendering its service in various fields of life by providing its quality tools. Whether you are keen on autos or you are looking for some computer-related devices Ryobi is the all-one solution. However, we will not be going to discuss any autos or computer components here. We will appraise different quality cordless leaf blowers produced by Ryobi. Following 6 cordless blowers are loaded with features that will be discussed further.

Top 6 Best Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blowers 2020

Let’s analyze different features of Ryobi leaf blowers in great detail. The following reviews of Ryobi tools make your decision easy about buying a leaf blower.

1- Ryobi ONE+ 18Volt Cordless Leaf Blower/Sweeper

(168 Reviews) Ratings

This model of Ryobi is one of the best models of the ONE+ system of Ryobi. This 2in1 (Blower & Sweeper) tool works on 18-volt. It would be a perfect choice for the people who are searching for a leaf blower for small tasks. Aside from small task capability on a grass surface, it works efficiently for a hard surface too.

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This model of Ryobi is lightweight and weighs only 3.8 Pounds. This weight is perfect to perform a task with one hand without putting sweating efforts.

The most important factor for a cordless leaf blower is the battery runtime of that blower. With 18V Lithium-Ion battery can run this model of blower for 35 minutes at high speed.

The decisive factor about buying a leaf blower is the values of CFM and MPH. 120 MPH airspeed and 200CFM air volume are the power factors that can make your mind for buying Ryobi ONE+. The last but not the least factor is the noise level of this tool that is quite bearable, 67dBA.



2- Ryobi RY40402A 40Volt Battery Powered Cordless Blower

(94 Reviews) Ratings

Ryobi RY40402A has been designed in a unique and quirky way. This model can be handled easily. Like other cordless blowers, this leaf blower is also lightweight. Moreover, its user-friendly handle makes the use of it a kid-play.

This model of Ryobi uses 40-V lithium-ion battery. With the help of this battery, this feature-rich blower’s battery run-time is 25-30 minutes at medium speed.

When it comes to the power of this blower, we will come to know that it is a relatively more powerful blower than others. The Emitted airspeed is 155MPH and maximum air volume is 300CFM. Interestingly, this blower is functional at variable airspeed options. Furthermore, its jet fan design adds more value to the blower.

The noise level of this magical tool is also bearable and it doesn’t cause noise pollution. Moreover, Ryobi RY40402A has not any harmful emissions.



3- Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Battery Powered Leaf Blower

(21 Reviews) Ratings

Like other products of Ryobi, this model is also packed with fascinating features of leaf blowers. Owing to 18-v battery, this great looking tool is compatible with various other ONE+ tools of Ryobi. Its ergonomic design with a comfortable handle allows you to accomplish the task with great ease.

This gardening tool comes with attractive green and black colors. Piles of dead and dry leaves can be removed with it.

Airspeed of this blower is 90MPH and 200CFM blow the leaves from hard surface efficiently. Variable speed options make it more desirable for its users.

Owing to its low power of airspeed, battery runtime is relatively higher than others.



4- Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower RY40460

(19 Reviews) Ratings

The most powerful cordless gardening tool by Ryobi is RY40460. It has a soft grip and various options in it. This tool is loaded with the different features which you are looking for. It is an electric cordless blower, however, the power of this tool is like a gas-powered blower. This model is equally beneficial to blow dry and wet leaves.

The maximum Air volume of RY40460 is 500CFM which has the capability of blowing snow also. Moreover, the airspeed of the tool is 110MPH. Variable speed option with soft grip making the blowing leaves easier than ever before. A jet fan is another feather in the cap of RY40460.

Battery runtime of this model is 20 minutes at a maximum airspeed that is enough to blow the leaves from a large area garden.

The manufacturer of this tool keeps the noise level in mind and it is specially optimized for low noise. Therefore, with this silent-working tool, you will enjoy your journey of garden maintenance.



5- Ryobi P2108A 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

(99 Reviews) Ratings

The last but not least product of Ryobi is P2108A. This masterpiece of Ryobi has enough potential to blow the wind at high wind speed with high air volume. With this speed, removing debris and leaves from hard and grass surfaces is no longer a problem with it.

100MPh and 280 CFM with the variable velocity of speed offer the adjustable airspeed options to users according to their requirements.

Lightweight, soft gripping handle, Jet fan design, and low Noise level are the various other attributes of this model of a leaf blower which are matchless.



6- Ryobi RY40403 40V Lithium-Ion Jet Fan Blower

(42 Reviews) Ratings

Ry40403 is the next model of RY40402A. Have you in dire need of a well-designed and powerful blower? RY40403 can meet all the demands which you are hunting for. The first impression of this model makes you its fan. In fact, the design of this product is really fascinating.

The next feature that attracts you more is the wind speed and volume of it. It blows the wind at the speed of 110MPh.  Additionally, its air volume is 480CFM that is quite alluring also.

The battery runtime of this product is 20 to 25 minutes at high speed.

The lightweight feature and user-friendly handle of it make your task super-easy in the garden.



Last Words

Without any shred of doubt, it can be said that the Ryobi brand of leaf blowers is good in quality and power. Therefore, we have tried our best to provide the best Ryobi cordless leaf blowers in today’s list. Nevertheless, have you ever used any Ryobi Cordless leaf blower? If yes, please share your experience with newbies in the comment box, it would be highly appreciable from our team members and readers.  Thank you. Stay Blessed.

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