Ryobi Gas Leaf Blowers(Backpack Handheld 2019-20)

The world has brought a technological revolution to its trends. Easy-to-use machines and gadgets now replace the things that were used to happen manually. We don’t have enough time to invest in the production of a single unit in a time which can give us a whole collection at the same time, with using the technology. It has brought changes to every aspect of life. Either it is drinking, eating, sleeping, or cleaning. We are here talking about cleaning. Numerous fantastic gadgets in the market will turn you into a big astonishment. One of those are the Ryobi Gas leaf blowers.


A leaf blower is a device that works on the principle of airflow with which the leaves on its way are blown away. Ryobi is one of the pioneers in making such gadgets. The Ryobi Gas Leaf Blower is not only used for leaves but also for blowing the dust and dirt away from your path.

Here are some of the top Leaf Blowers manufactured by Ryobi.

1- RYOBI Gas Powered Blower: RY38BP Backpack

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Apart from all the remarkable products manufactured by Ryobi, the 175 MPH model comes with the two cycles 38cc gas engine. The engine is gas-powered with the capacity of expelling the air of the 760 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) volume. It has this high wind blowing speed of 175 Miles per hour that can blow all the leaves, dust, and dirt away from your way.

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Like all the other blowers. This one is also a bit heavier than the small handheld blowers. But it can be felt lighter and easy to carry by the way it is carried. As though the weight is 20.2 Lbs, but still the physique is made such that the left hand is completely free. The weight makes it fall into the category of a normal weighing leaf blower, neither too heavy nor too light.

Because of having these two strokes, it cannot run on gasoline only. It needs a mixture of fuel with the exact ratio of the oil plus gasoline to make it a properly functioning device. The device has this custom airspeed adjusting in his hand. He can adjust the speed according to the demand. Moreover, it works in a relatively low noise as compared to other blowers in the market. Its sound is only 75.5dB.



2- RYOBI Gas blower 2 strokes Engine: RY08420A

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A bit heavier in functioning than the former model. The Ryobi leaf blower BP42 is the model that comes with the air expelling volume of 510 Cubic Feet per Minute. It can be used for different purposes like leaf blowing, dusting, etc. It has a high airflow velocity of 185 MPH.

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For all of your big blowing tasks, the Ryobi BP42 has a big 42CC engine that provides excellent performance at the most affordable price. As the engine is two-stroke, it requires the perfect equation of oil and gasoline for its working. Moreover, it has this easy to adjust over the shoulder, harness, which makes it easy to carry. The user can customize the speed of the airflow as per the requirement of the task.

The manufacturers also offer three years of limited warranty for the product as well.



3- RYOBI JET FAN RY25AXB: Handheld

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This easy to adjust and carry product, with its new design is made with the 25CC gas engine. This Ryobi Blower has this unique shape that adapts to the function it performs. Moreover, it offers the airflow of 160 MPH with the air expelling volume of 520 cubic feet per minute CFM.

It is very easy to handle and carry as compared to the large leaf blowers out there in the market. It has this minimum comparing the weight of 11.5 Lbs. The engine is 2-stroke 25cc. This is to be noticed that a two-stroke engine requires the combination of both the gasoline and oil for its proper functioning.

It also has this variable airflow velocity adjusting option with which the user can itself adjust the speed according to the workload. It has low operation noise, which is 74dB. And also it has the fuel tank of the capacity: 18 fl. Oz.

The manufacturer also provides three years of limited warranty for this product.



Last Words

Though there is a different threshold of workload every time when we go to do something. Ryobi has very carefully taken care of this and for that purpose, they had made different Ryobi leaf blowers that work perfectly in the space they are supposed to work. For the lighter tasks, they have Ryobi Ray25AXB and then the 175MPh and finally the BP42 model for the high workloads.

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