What are the different Types of Leaf Blowers

The technology has brought great flavors to the traditional workings. This wave of technology has never skipped a single niche from its influence. The same is the case with cleaning. Cleaning methods are now more efficient with the mechanical techniques introduced into it. Like, your grandmother used to take a broom and clean the whole lawn herself. But not now, thanks to the Leaf Blowers. Leaf Blowers are the devices that are made on the purpose of blowing the leaves, dust, and dirt away, using the airflow. It has a small air pressure building unit just like an air compressor that then throws the air out and blows whatever comes in its way.


Types of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers can be categories into different types

Based upon the power consumption source, there are two major types of leaf blowers. They are:

Types of Leaf Blowers

Electric Leaf Blowers

The first type of leaf blower is Electric blowers. Electric leaf blowers use an electricity-driven working system to create an airflow. This remarkable tool can be used in the garden or the lawn to blow away the debris, grass, and leaves.

The immense increase in the demand for mobility and portability has also effected this product, and the manufacturers started producing it into further two sub-categories:

  1. The Corded Electric Leaf Blowers.
  2. The Cordless Electric leaf Blowers.

The Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

The corded electric blowers, as the name signifies, have a live electric wire connected to the electricity source. It works on live electricity consumption from the mains.

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The Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

The cordless electric leaf blower has built-in battery/batteries and systems that make it a portable device, capable of working independently of the mains electricity. They have increased great ease of working outdoors.

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Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

The second major category based on power consumption is the expected on, Gas Leaf Blower. These blowers use gasoline for its functioning.

Gas powered leaf blower is considered more durable than electric ones. Moreover, these gas powered leaf blowers can be divided further according to their engines. 

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i- 2-Strokes Engine Gas Powered blowers

ii- 4-Strokes Engine Gas Powered Blowers

Types w.r.t Handling

Apart from the energy consumption point of view. There are specific other parameters that can become the basis of categorization. Here are the leaf blowers, summed based on the way they are handled

Handheld Leaf Blower

The small performance and easy to carry; handheld leaf blowers can be used outdoor and indoor easily. They are handheld because they are comparatively lighter in weight. They are used for small scale tasks.

Backpack Leaf Blower

Backpack leaf blowers are exactly like a backpack. The big unit has the harnesses that can be worn like a bag, and the flow nozzle is extendable to be held in hands. Backpack leaf blowers are usually higher in efficiency and working as compared to the handheld ones.

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Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers

The walk-behind leaf blowers are usually the heavy-duty & heavyweight units that are portable but with the tires and slides beneath them.  They are used for high scale workloads.

This was all about the general categories of the leaf blowers. Now that you have made your mind to buy one from those categories. There are certain things that you need to understand primarily before going into the shop or online for buying this. The Leaf blowers have different features, as well as the specifications. Their specifications are directly reliant upon your workload, usage, and expectations. Here are those measuring terms that you need to know first before grabbing the perfect deal for you.

Other important Factors to Mention


The units are abbreviated as the Cubic Feet per Minute and Miles Per Hour, respectively. The CFM measure will tell you about how much air volume, a certain leaf blower will throw, in a minute. Whereas, the MPH identifies the airflow velocity with which the air will rush out of the nozzle.


Both of them are the unit for power. They signify the power of the motor that is utilized by it, for its efficient performance. The higher the value, the powerful the activity is, but keep in mind, the more will be the fuel or electricity consumption with high HP/CC values.

Last Words

There are different types of leaf blowers with different designs. This makes a big web of the products that make it easy to select the best that you want for your needs. More details are product-specified and are usually associated with individual products. These are also to be referred to before buying it.

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