WORX Cordless Leaf Blowers: 5 Products Reviews 2019-2020

WORX is a North Caroline based company of gardening tools and it has been producing innovative gardening products for several years. Trimmer, vacuum and blowers are the main products of WORX. However, in this article, you are going to learn about the most appealing features of WORX cordless leaf blowers. Therefore, it is not wise to waste your time by telling you stories about this brand. Let’s jump to the main topic

It must be crystal clear to a buyer of a cordless leaf blower that cordless blowers are perfect for small area garden, yard, or lawn owing to its short battery runtime.

5 Best Models of WORX Cordless Leaf Blower 2019

In the following list, we are going to mention 5 cordless tools by WORX that have been selling like hot cakes on different online shops.

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1- WORX WG546 Turbine 20V PowerShare Battery-Powered Leaf Blower in 2020

(562 Reviews) Ratings
  • Turbine Fan Technology
  • 20V Battery
  • 15-20 Minutes Runtime At Low Speed
  • 10-15 Minutes Runtime At high Speed
  • LightWeight (6 lbs)
  • Portable Size: 35.5 x 11 x 9.5 in
  • 60 MPH to 90 MPH
  • 225 CFM to 340CFM
  • Hyper Stream Nozzle
  • 5 Hours Charging Time
  • Shipping Weight: 7.5 Pounds

One attribute that would attract you about WORX products is their prices. Almost every product of WORX shares a low price tag. Hence, if you have a low budget for the gardening tool then it will be yours at your desired budget.

Let’s discuss the different features WORX WG546

Its ergonomic design allows you to work with your single hand. Moreover, its weight is not too high that makes you tired, so, it will be great for you to remove all the leaves and debris without getting tired.

Furthermore, airspeed and air volume due to turbine fan technology make you its fan. Although airspeed of this model of WORX is not too good yet it is enough for small duty. Moreover, two speed (60 MPH, 90 MPH) control option makes it versatile. In addition, its hyper-stream extended nozzle helps to remove tough conditions like wet leaves.

The most important characteristic of any battery-powered leaf blower that cannot be overlooked is the battery runtime. Unfortunately, I didn’t like its short runtime of battery (10-15 minutes). At low speed, you will get 15 to 20 minutes runtime of battery, however, at high-speed runtime of this model further decreases. So, it is up to on your requirements. If your task can be accomplished within 10-15 minutes then it will be a great product for you.

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Note: You can buy more than one batteries of this model to complete your task fast.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Can be handled with one hand
  • Satisfactory Airspeed and air Volume Values
  • At reasonable rates
  • Hyper-Stream Nozzle


  • Charging time of the battery is too high

2- WORX WG547 20V (2.0Ah) Power Share Cordless Turbine Blower

(27 Reviews) Ratings
  • Turbine Fan Technology
  • 20V Lithium Ion Battery
  • 15-20 Minutes Runtime At Low Speed
  • 10-15 Minutes Runtime At high Speed
  • LightWeight (5.7 lbs)
  • Portable Size: 36.5 x 8.75 x 11 in
  • 60 MPH to 75 MPH
  • 225 CFM to 360CFM
  • Hyper Stream Nozzle
  • 5 Hours Charging Time
  • Shipping Weight: 9.6 Pounds

Let me be very honest with the review of this model. WORX WG547 has almost the same features as WORX WG546 but different in design. Like the above-mentioned tool, the price of it is also low. Let’s throw light on different specifications of this model of WORX

It is the most weight-optimized tool for gardening and you can use it with one hand. Moreover, its beautiful design adds more value to its easy performing tasks.

When it comes to its airspeed and air volume, these features give you satisfactory results. Airspeed (60mph, 75 mph) is enough to remove leaves and debris from your garden. Moreover, its turbine technology and hyper-stream technology make it more unique to provide airspeed and air volume effectively.

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Another time, the battery of this model is not different from the WORX WG546. The most annoying part of this model of blower is short runtime of a battery. However, dry leaves can be removed easily at low speed with increased runtime.


  • Beautiful Design
  • User-Friendly
  • Perfect for small duty task
  • Durable Instrument
  • 20V battery


  • Short runtime of the battery
  • Charging time of the battery is high

3- WORX WG584 40V (2.5Ah) Power Share TURBINE Blower,2 Batteries

(19 Reviews) Ratings
  • Turbine Fan Technology
  • 20V + 20V Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • 40-50 Minutes Runtime At Lowest Speed
  • 20-30 Minutes Runtime At Medium Speed
  • 10-20 Minutes Runtime At high Speed
  • LightWeight (12 lbs)
  • Portable Size: 38.63 x 9 x 11.5 in
  • 60 MPH to 90 MPH with 3-speed options
  • 225 CFM to 430CFM
  • Hyper Stream Nozzle
  • 3 Hours Charging Time
  • Shipping Weight: 12 Pounds

As you have seen that battery runtime is the main issue of above-mentioned models of leaf blowers. However, it has been tried to solve the battery runtime issue in this model. Moreover, you will observe several other improvements in this model of WORX.

Let’s explore its different aspect of functionality.

WORX WG584 model is slightly heavier than other models, nevertheless, thanks to its ergonomic design of this product that allows you to work with one hand without feeling any fatigue.

Maximum airspeed of WG584 is 95mph that is enough for small tasks. Unlike the aforementioned tools, it has 3-speed options (60MPH, 75 MPH, 95 MPH), therefore, you can perform your task at your desired speed. Additionally, its air volume makes it unique with such a high value of CFM (430CFM). Similar to other, turbine technology is used in it.

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It will be great to hear that the battery runtime of this product is amazing. It operates at two batteries of 20V which increase its runtime. Moreover, its brushless motor also helps to improve the life of the battery.


  • Satisfactory Battery Runtime
  • Easy to use
  • Best for small tasks
  • 40v (20V+20V) battery


  • It operates on two batteries

4- WORX WG591 56V Battery-Powered Leaf Blower with Turbo Boost

(502 Reviews) Ratings
  • Turbine Fan Technology
  • 20V + 20V Battery
  • Burshless Motor
  • Runtime Varies from 10 minutes to 60 minutes according to speed
  • Variable Speed with Turbo Boost
  • LightWeight (8.1 lbs)
  • Portable Size: 20.28 x 11.81 x 11.81 in
  • 125 MPH
  • 225 CFM to 465CFM
  • Hyper Stream Nozzle
  • 90 minutes Charging Time
  • Shipping Weight: 12.8 Pounds

It might be the most technologically advanced equipment from WORX. WG591 is the masterpiece of WORX which is equipped with advanced technology. Moreover, it has the capability to fulfill the demands of garden cleaning.

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Let’s scrutinize its different factors.

Similar to above, its design and lightweight is another feather in the cap of WORX. So, you can keep clean your garden with this tool after a long lethargic task without feeling fatigued.

Its variable airspeed option up to 125 MPH places it above par. Interestingly, its high air volume is anther cutting edge of this blower. 465 CFM is enough to blow the wet and dry leaves. Increasingly, its turbo boost technology, Turbine fan, and Hyper-Stream air nozzle help to drive the more speed of air efficiently.

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The last feature of its battery cannot be ignored and must be kept under consideration while buying any cordless leaf blower. The runtime of its 56V battery changes from 10 minutes to 60minutes according to the speed.


  • High Airspeed
  • High Air Volume
  • Best for small area yard
  • 56v MAXlithium Battery
  • Variable Speed


  • Cannot perform well at high speed owing to the short runtime

5- WORX WG545.4 Cordless Hi-Capacity Blower, Battery Included

(1938 Reviews) Ratings
  • 20V Battery
  • Burshless Motor
  • Runtime: 30minutes
  • LightWeight (4 lbs)
  • Portable Size: 8 x 7 x 20 inches
  • 120 MPH
  • 80 CFM
  • Inflator Nozzle
  • 90 minutes Charging Time
  • Shipping Weight: 8.55 Pounds

The lightest blower presented by WORX is WG545.4. Its weight is only 4 pounds that is easy to handle. Besides easy handling, it provides an efficient duty for hard reach areas due to its special design of the nozzle.

In addition, this blower provides you high airspeed (120MPH). This speed is perfect to clean hard surfaces as well as grass surfaces.  Where its speed is good to blow the leaves, it has a shortcoming. Yes, the low air volume is considered its shortcoming.

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WG454.4 uses 20V 4.0AH battery that has double runtime than 20V 2.0AH battery. Therefore, you can clean your garden, yard, lawn, driveway, or walkway with this tool in a tranquil environment.

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  • Extremely Lightweight
  • High Airspeed
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Double Battery Runtime
  • Good for small area lawn


  • Low CFM value

Last Words

According to our research and usage these above mentioned tools are the best WORX cordless leaf blowers. If you know any other blower which you have used. And that blower gave you the best experience then please share in the comment section. We will try to add that tool in our list after using personally. Thank you. Stay Blessed. 

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